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CallFinder's work-from-home solutions are designed to maintain productivity, agent engagement, and customer satisfaction levels.

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Overcome Remote Workspace Challenges

As more businesses transition to a virtual workspace, B2B and B2C enterprises are presented with the challenges of managing employees and call center agents remotely. We’re helping clients overcome these challenges with technology designed to maintain productivity, agent engagement, and customer satisfaction levels.

With our advanced speech analytics technology, you’ll be able to pinpoint where training is needed and scale your QA monitoring to 100% of interactions.

How CallFinder’s Remote Workforce Solution Can Help

Let CallFinder help your contact center overcome common challenges of a remote workforce with our automated quality monitoring, call transcription, and scoring technology.

Automated Quality Monitoring

Monitor 100% of calls, even in large call centers, with automated scorecards, searchable transcripts, and custom reports. Quickly identify common metrics to improve agent training, elevate the customer experience, and unify standards across multiple call centers.
How CallFinder Works

Call Transcripts & Scorecards

Gain a 360-degree view of agent performance with CallFinder’s automated scorecards and speech-to-text transcription with sentiment analysis. Score every agent, and quickly scan and search every call for keywords and phrases specific to your business goals.
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CallFinder's Managed Client Services

CallFinder's Client Services puts us above the competition. We work closely with our clients, every step of the way, to establish goals and create and define parameters necessary to evaluate 100% of their agent-client interactions for 100% visibility.
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Business Value of CallFinder

CallFinder provides businesses with a scalable, affordable, and easily accessible way to monitor and track virtual call center performance to automate quality assurance monitoring.


Whether your agents work from home or in the contact center, our automated quality monitoring solution processes 100% of agent interactions to reveal insights, performance metrics, and more.


Our pricing is simple and affordable. Scale your account any time to fit your budget, with no changes to your tech stack or costly per-seat license fees.


CallFinder is designed to fully support your QA team and provide stability and scalability to your virtual call center infrastructure and operations, without hiring more staff.


Optimize the CallFinder solution to meet your business goals with ongoing client support from a dedicated, assigned CallFinder Analyst.

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