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Call Recording is Beneficial to Businesses in Multiple Ways

May 14, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer

Whenever we dial up a company we do business with like a bank, credit card company or insurance company, we are accustomed to hearing an automated statement that usually begins with “This call may be recorded,” and usually ends with “for training purposes” or “to better serve our customers.” These days, in both the public and private sectors, call monitoring and recording is the rule rather than the exception.

Call recording serves multiple purposes. It is used for conflict resolution; it facilitates employee development and training; it allows for the monitoring and assessment of representative or agent performance; and it provides protection from liability. Call recording systems have evolved to the point where they can now provide valuable insight into customer likes, dislikes, trends and attitudes, as well as a businesses call-handling performance.


Speech Analytics

Essentially, “speech analytics,” from a call center perspective, is the process of extracting information from voice communications through the use of special speech analytics software. This is performed via keyword identification, from sound or “phonetic” recognition, or from matching spoken words with pre-programmed “dictionaries,” among other techniques.

Whether it is gathered from live dialogue between callers and company representatives or from recorded messages, spoken information is categorized, analyzed, and used to optimize efficiencies in areas such as customer service, sales, and product-related preferences. Not only does using speech analytics with call recording virtually eliminate the painstaking and time-consuming endeavor of manual call quality monitoring, but it provides interested parties with an in-depth understanding of customer reactions and desires, thereby allowing them to tailor their products and services accordingly.

When speech analytics is applied to recorded calls, root causes of customer dissatisfaction can quickly be determined, and customer feedback and opinions can be meticulously discerned – abilities which can positively contribute to a business’s reputation and the success of its future sales and marketing campaigns. From improved operational efficiencies and increased customer gratification, to enhanced products and better services, call center recording solutions are proven to add value across the board.


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