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Call Recording is Beneficial to Businesses in Multiple Ways


Whenever you call a company like a bank, credit card company, or insurance company, you’re most likely accustomed to hearing an automated message that goes something like this: “This call may be recorded and monitored for call quality and training purposes.” Or maybe the recording gives some line about recording “to better serve our customers.” In any event, call monitoring is now the norm, in both the public and private sectors, rather than the exception.

Why Record Calls in the First Place?

Call recording and monitoring serves multiple purposes. It is used for conflict resolution; it facilitates employee development and training; it provides data for assessing customer service representatives; and it provides liability protection. Call monitoring systems have evolved over the years. In fact, these solutions now provide valuable insights into customer trends and attitudes, and they can help improve overall call center performance.

What Is Speech Analytics?

If you’ve ever asked, “What is speech analytics?”, you are not alone. Essentially, a speech analytics solution extracts specific information from voice communications through the use of special software. This all starts with call transcriptions and keyword identification via phonetic searches. These are just some of the techniques.

Whether it is gathered from dialogue with customer service agents or sales representatives, most businesses use this call data to optimize performance in the following areas:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Customer service training
  • Sales training
  • Product enhancements

Really, speech analytics improves any initiatives related to sales and product preferences. But it also provides an in-depth understanding of the customer experience (or CX). This includes customer reactions and desires, which help businesses tailor their products and services accordingly.

Save Time & Money with Speech Analytics

Not only does a speech analytics solution improve CX; it also eliminates painstaking and time-consuming manual call monitoring. However, saving time also saves customers. When using speech analytics to analyze recorded calls, managers can quickly uncover the root causes of customer dissatisfaction. This helps resolve issues faster to reduce churn. Customer feedback and online reviews can make or break a company. Don’t let the reputation and the success or your company rely on chance.

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From boosting efficiency to guaranteeing customer satisfaction with enhanced products and better services, speech analytics solutions add value across the board. To learn more about CallFinder speech analytics and all the benefits it can provide for your company, contact a CallFinder Specialist at 1-800-639-1700. Or click the button below to schedule a demo today!

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