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Work Smarter, Not Harder with A Business Intelligence Software Package


“This call may be monitored for quality assurance.” Any one of us who has ever called a customer service center has heard that profound eight word sentence. Well, to monitor a few calls here and there may be a sound move to ensure quality in your business’ customer contacts. But, what if you had a software package that would automatically search for certain keywords or phrases, sort of like the phone equivalent of search engine optimization, based on your individual marketing campaigns and goals for quality contacts? Welcome to CallFinder call recording and speech analytics  software package.

Small and medium sized businesses may not always have the unlimited cash flow of larger sized corporations. The idea of working smarter and not necessarily harder to maximize the limited cash flow that may exist becomes a necessary evil. CallFinder can help you to adhere to this principle in your call center.

Virtually every customer contact received by your business contains critical information that can be mined to produce opportunities and resolve problems. This information translates to  business intelligence  enabling you to discover problems and enact on them quickly. It can be used to respond to sales opportunities. It can also be used to minimize risk by ensuring your call agents are compliant. Another benefit of mining your customer contacts is that it enables you to gather information about how effective your marketing campaigns are working. It’s not exactly the stuff that made the NSA famous, but it is highly valuable to the success of your organization nonetheless.

All this critical business intelligence used to be something only larger corporations could afford. But, CallFinder is easily affordable for just about any small or medium  sized business. Stop missing opportunities, stop call center inefficiencies, stop working too hard. Work smarter instead!

The entire “CallFinder” team is dedicated to our customers’ success and focuses on providing affordable business intelligence and call center solutions to the SMB market.  Contact us  today to speak with a CallFinder specialist and schedule a free trial.

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