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What is SaaS Vs. MSaaS: Key Differences & Benefits

what is saas blog post - onboarding team

What is SaaS In Brief

In a previous blog, we shared five tips on finding a SaaS solution that is right for your business. The article provides a full definition and examples of SaaS solutions. And one of those tips strongly suggests that you choose a Managed SaaS solution (MSaaS) over a non-managed SaaS solution.

An MSaaS provides continuous training and support for all users during the onboarding process and beyond. Managed SaaS solutions offer a number of benefits over non-managed solutions, which provide far more limited support. These benefits include (but are certainly not limited to) the following:

Comprehensive Onboarding Training

The more you understand your SaaS solution and how it works, the more you’ll be able to successfully use it. But trying to make sense of it all on your own can be overwhelming. A managed solution support team provides you with detailed onboarding training to help you get started with your new software. Unlike solutions that offer basic initial training, a managed SaaS solution offers more comprehensive training.

When you choose a SaaS solution with managed client support, you get more than access to customer service. You get individual training and advice from an expert. And when you choose CallFinder, you get a professional, knowledgeable Analyst who will work with you and your team to provide recommendations for changes to help you better serve your customers and clients.

Readily Available Assistance

Your business’s objectives are constantly evolving, and you need a SaaS solution that can evolve with them. Fortunately, a managed SaaS solution provides you with support to help you consistently meet these objectives. They’ll assist you whenever you need to explore new ways to use your solution, and they will offer guidance to help you through any unexpected challenges. With a managed SaaS solution, you can feel secure knowing your support team is always there for you.

Professional and Personalized Support

Many SaaS solutions deliver cookie-cutter customer support services for all businesses. This limited support doesn’t take into account the many ways businesses differ in the challenges they face or the goals they are trying to reach. However, managed SaaS solutions offer support tailored to your business’s specific needs, with dedicated professionals who will work with you to customize your solution so that it helps you accomplish your business objectives.

A managed SaaS solution means you get support from people that are truly invested in your business’s success. To them, you’re more than just a face to a corporation; you’re a person who cares about your business’s future. And a good MSaaS vendor will let you know they care too.

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