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Speech Analytics Software Helps Companies Harvest Business Intelligence

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In today’s ultra-competitive world of commerce, where gaining an “edge” is more of a challenge than ever before, many companies find themselves in an almost perpetual state of repositioning as they work to leverage their strengths, offerings, and assets. Strategic adjustments may entail restructuring, re-branding, or reinvigorating the company website as efforts are undertaken to reduce costs while at the same time becoming more efficient in targeting and attracting customers.

One method that proves to be extremely effective in achieving these goals is speech analytics. A speech analytics solution automatically searches recorded phone calls for specific keywords and phrases. For instance, one company may want to find calls related to operational challenges and performance goals. The call recordings can then be analyzed for quality assurance, script compliance, customer experience, and more.

Advantages of Automated Call Monitoring

Among its many benefits, automated call monitoring saves businesses the time and expense of hours sifting through every recorded conversation in an attempt to glean valuable information. A speech analytics solution replaces the need for manual monitoring, which is often laborious and time-consuming. This not only saves time, but it also saves money.

Automating this process is a highly effective way for companies to glean information that improves operations and agent performance. Speech analytics software is often used in multiple departments, such as sales and marketing. And the software can be customized to meet the particular needs of any business or organization. Basically, speech analytics technology recognizes and extracts applicable intelligence and customer insights.

Elevating the Customer Experience

Call and contact center monitoring technology optimizes customer service operations and elevates the customer experience. It reduces risk exposure, helps to minimize the length of calls, greatly increases call resolution rates, and enhances overall call center performance.

With speech analytics, companies can increase overall productivity, develop a more acute understanding of customer needs, and develop better products and services. The result? More satisfied customers in an ever-discerning business environment.

How To Find A Speech Analytics Provider

Part of CallFinder’s mission is to bring this valuable call monitoring technology to small and medium-sized businesses, making it affordable and easy to integrate. Learn how CallFinder speech analytics can help your business. Call 1-800-639-1700 today to speak with a CallFinder specialist. Or schedule a demo to see CallFinder in action!

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