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Using Speech Analytics for Inbound and Outbound Calls


Speech analytics is a valuable contact center tool that mines calls for keywords and phrases to uncover valuable and actionable business insights. When utilizing a speech analytics solution, recorded calls should not be viewed as one large group. They should be segmented properly, as inbound and outbound calls serve different purposes. Therefore, speech analytics technology can be used differently for each.

Inbound calls

Speech analytics can be used to better understand current and/or potential customers or clients who call. From a customer support perspective, there is valuable information inside each and every customer conversation. Speech analytics technology helps a company determine what issues or questions are occurring most often, allowing the company to make changes to their business process, planning, and staffing that will address and alleviate these issues or questions. Recordings also reveal areas in which agents may require more information or training in order to better handle inbound customer inquiries, which is crucial since a positive customer experience at every touchpoint is necessary for business success today.

While many inbound calls come from people who are already customers/clients, this isn’t always the case. A potential customer/client may be calling because they have an interest in the product or service offered and are looking for more information or would like to make a purchase over the phone. From an inbound sales perspective, speech analytics can ensure that agents are processing orders properly and taking advantage of upsell opportunities.

Outbound calls

Outbound calling is focused primarily on sales and cold calling leads. Speech analytics focuses on improving the effectiveness of outbound sales agents. Speech analytics mines sales calls that can be used in future trainings. Recordings demonstrate common scenarios, allowing sales agents to learn how to overcome customer objections. Real-time monitoring prompts help guide the agent through the call and highlight additional selling opportunities.

While speech analytics may serve different purposes for inbound and outbound calls at a high level, the bottom line is that the technology delivers key insights to both inbound and outbound call centers. It allows businesses to effectively monitor calls to become more efficient, improve the business process, and keep customers happy.

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