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Speech Analytics In Call Centers Ensure Happy Customers Post-Holidays


With the holidays coming to a close this year, it’s time to finally take a deep breath and relax, right?  Well, not for everyone.  For many businesses, the post-holiday time can just be almost, if not just as hectic with myriad returns, exchanges, complaints, and requests from dissatisfied gift recipients. And if a company has a contact center, no doubt its agents will be flooded with even more calls than usual. “Taking it easy” is simply not part of their vocabulary right now. But just because this time of year is quite busy for businesses, it does not mean it must be completely stressful.  With tools such as call recording and speech analytics in call centers, businesses can help their agents be better prepared to handle situations both now and in the future.

speech analytics in call centers with CallFinder

Help Your Call Center Calm Aggravated Customers

The chance of dealing with a disgruntled customer is especially prevalent during this time of year. Tensions are at an all-time high and customers are often ready to vent their frustrations, with contact center agents tending to get the brunt of it. If agents are not well prepared to deal with these occurrences, they run the risk of losing control of the situation and making the customer even angrier, thus potentially losing business. But with call recording and speech analytics in call centers, managers have a great training asset at their fingertips. Call recording allows managers to demonstrate to their agents effective ways to calm irritated customers by using clear examples from previous conversations, and speech analytics in call centers helps unearth words or phrases which can have the potential to either soothe or exacerbate a customer’s grievances. By making this training less abstract, agents find themselves fortified with the confidence to make even the surliest of people a happy and satisfied customer.

Discover Hidden Trends in Phone Conversations With Speech Analytics in Call Centers

With contact centers preparing to handle numerous calls after the holidays year after year, wouldn’t it be great if they could anticipate their customers’ wants and needs beforehand? Well, they may not have access to a crystal ball to tell them everything about their customers, but with call mining software such as speech analytics, they can come pretty darn close. Speech analytics in call centers can quickly scan thousands of their phone conversations for specific words and phrases, detecting trends which can shed light on customers’ previously unspoken requests. Businesses can then use these discoveries to make informed strategic business decisions and turn once unstructured data into actionable business insights. This not only allows companies to know how to best handle common problems that may arise in the contact center after the holidays, but also lets them implement strategies that will satisfy their customers all year long. With speech analytics, businesses can always provide customers with a superior experience.

When businesses utilize the right tools like call recording and speech analytics, the post-holiday rush can be a far more pleasant experience for both customers and contact center agents. Why not close out the year with happy customers – customers who will bring in even more business in the New Year?  Call recording and speech analytics in your call center can help make it happen.

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