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18 Reasons to Adopt Speech Analytics Technology in 2018


According to Call Center Week’s most recent research report, CCW Winter Executive Report: Contact Center Priorities for 2018, the customer experience and impact of agent performance on the customer experience is being looked at by companies worldwide as an important factor in successful business practices. We’ve extracted some statistics from this report to share:

Reasons to Adopt Speech Analytics Technology in 2018:

  • More than 62% view live agent telephony as a priority for 2018
  • 39% of companies will prioritize effort reduction in 2018
  • 48% of businesses say improving training and coaching is the #1 agent experience strategy for 2018
  • 66% believe a personalized experience defines customer-centric brands
  • 65% of businesses say solutions that measure customer satisfaction and loyalty are investment priorities
  • 63% say the feedback survey is a priority
  • 62% view a frictionless experience as most important
  • 61% view coaching as an investment priority
  • 57% cite training as a top priority
  • 55% cite the importance of customer experience management tools
  • 54% will invest in quality monitoring and management
  • 45% of organizations want to improve the quality of the knowledgebase
  • 42% will make systems easier to use
  • 41% will make metrics clearer and more transparent
  • 37% of businesses will focus on customer experience automation in an engagement context
  • 34% plan on improving voice of the customer strategy
  • 33% will improve customer journey mapping, as well as the agent experience
  • 31% want to use customer data to create lower-effort, more effective engagement

With speech analytics technology for your business, you’ll have the most powerful metrics on agent-customer interactions to be able to:

  • Identify Agent Deficits and Competencies: Our voice analytics includes quantitative and qualitative data you can use to identify areas where your agents need further training and areas where they excel. Once you know these things, you can personalize the training you provide for your agents.
  • Provide Meaningful Feedback: Once you figure out where an individual agent excels and where they need more training, it enables you to give more precise feedback during the coaching sessions you share with the individual. If one of your agents isn’t meeting your expectations for first call resolution, for instance, our speech analytics technology enables you to retrieve specific call recordings you can use to demonstrate how the person can do better. When an agent has a concrete example of an instance in which they could have performed better, you can provide more meaningful and effective feedback to help them improve.
  • Set Realistic, Achievable Goals: One of the benefits of speech analytics is that this technology helps you to set realistic and achievable goals for individual agents and your whole team. Rather than telling a struggling agent that they need to meet the company’s standard for first call resolution quickly, you can use or voice analytics software system to set up an action plan. This can set the employee up for success and allow you to monitor their progress during a designated period of time. By monitoring the person’s progress, you’ll be able to take further corrective action faster when necessary to help the agent achieve their performance goal(s).

Learn more about CallFinder’s SaaS speech analytics technology today. Speak with a speech analytics specialist and get a free demo of the platform today.

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