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Speech Analytics – An Innovative Tool for Call Centers


According to business market analysts, speech monitoring and analytics software is probably one of the biggest trends in business today. These intelligent software programs provide business owners an opportunity to process the unstructured content of phone conversations with their customers, and utilize it as a tool to extract business intelligence that will ultimately allow them to enhance interaction with customers and improve the overall customer experience they provide.

Speech analytics is a cost effective and innovative way to understand consumers’ expectations and plan business strategies accordingly.  When implemented properly and combined with best business practices, call analytics and speech recognition tools can give an organization a considerable competitive edge.

Here are some of the many advantages a business has when they implement call analytics software in their organization:

1. Understand Consumers’ Perspective

According to experts, the main reason that business owners deploy call analytics technology is to improve the consumer’s experience. These intelligent software programs are designed to process the original content of customer conversations by scanning and mining call recordings to identify and categorize calls based on specific key phrases, automatically.

For obvious reasons, it is not possible for customers care representatives to analyze every minute detail of every call that they have with their customers. But an automated speech analytics software program can help businesses improve the customer experience and interaction.

The slightest hint of complaints, disappointment, negative responses, or positive appreciation is detected within the conversations, and there by provide a wealth of business insights with which the company can use to affect change within their organization, improve the customer experience, and improve the business overall.

2. Deliver Quality Services

Speech analytics serves the purpose of a reliable quality improvement tool by providing the data a business needs in order to understand their customers’ wants and needs, and to provide the best service and experience they can. When speech analytics technology is implemented in call centers to monitor agent performance and call content, the technology can help companies ensure they are providing their customers with flawless services. Not only this, it can also help businesses identify the flaws in current strategies and rectify them. Implementing call analytics and monitoring tools can produce instant results when it comes to improving the quality of service they offer.

3. Spot Investments Opportunities

One of the biggest and long term benefits of call analytics is, understanding the demands of constantly varying consumers’ market. You can easily keep a track of consumers’ demands and expectations. This helps entrepreneurs spot the most viable business opportunities, which can improve their benefits-to-investments ratio. Moreover, launching ventures strategically and in accordance with consumers’ expectations can help business owners make the most of available capital and resources. This is the reason that most small scale companies and startups rely on call analytics and monitoring tools for expanding their business and clients’ base.

4. Save Training Costs

In many call centers, customer service agents are trained to handle a large number of consumers”˜ calls. Even during the busiest hours, the automated software can record, process, scan and analyze every single call automatically and efficiently. The software limits human involvement, thus reducing labor resources to listen to each call in its entirety, and reduces the risk of human errors.

Speak with a CallFinder account manager today to learn more about the benefits of cloud-based speech analytics technology, and how the solution can work to extract business insights, provide data on agent performance for evaluation purposes, and eliminate the need to monitor calls manually.

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