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Open the Channels for Customer Communications


Happy Thanksgiving from Vermont!

Over the past year we’ve read many articles, come across a lot of research data, and even heard from our customers about the incredible importance and value that inbound phone calls hold in the overall business strategy.

As consumers increasingly prefer to interact with businesses through phone conversations, businesses in turn are acknowledging that the customer journey starts with nurturing a relationship, which is much more sustainable – and valuable to their bottom line – when it is done in person or over the phone.

The Role of Speech Analytics in Quality Management

In case you missed our latest event with CRMXchange – Best Practices in Quality Assurance and emerging role of speech analytics – you can access the recording of the presentation here. And, find our portion of the presentation materials here.

The customer journey is becoming a shared vision across multiple touch points and various interactions company-wide. Quality Assurance practices are changing out of necessity– more is demanded of businesses and contact centers than ever before to deliver an optimal customer experience, to differentiate, to stay relevant and to remain competitive. Now, speech analytics is becoming a must-have for businesses to stay ahead of the QA game.

How Technology Helps Uncover the Voice of Customer Data

Much of the data that is required to assess the ways in which customer calls are handled, how they are processed, and the quality of service they receive is contained within phone conversations between contact center agents and customers. With the phone still being the preferred method of contact for consumers, there is no argument that there is a need to support the call centers, either internal or external, with technology innovations that are at the forefront of capturing and categorizing these voice interactions with customers.

Here is an article on how you can employ a speech analytics solution to capture VoC data from within recorded phone calls.

Resources on Implementing Speech Analytics Technology into Your Business Process

As the New Year approaches, you’ve probably been working on plans for 2015, including quality assurance, customer experience, and Voice of Customer programs.

We’d love to be a resource for you, as you research and identify new technologies to implement these programs, so please reach out to us by calling (best way of course!) or emailing us.

Many companies are adopting this technology into their contact center operations in efforts to monitor the conversations taking place between employees and customers, which will give them valuable insights on what their customers want and need.

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