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How to Measure & Manage the Caller Journey


In today’s customer-centric world, tracking the customer experience is a major focus for contact centers and businesses. A key component to the customer journey is phone conversations (or the caller journey). The experience a customer has with an agent over the phone will ultimately define their impression of the business. Likewise, it will form what their journey will look like, even through online and social media channels.

Do Phone Conversations Matter?

A phone conversation is much more personal and powerful than an online interaction. For instance, if you’re on Facebook, like most of us, then it’s likely that a lot of the interactions you have with friends now are taking place through status updates, messenger, or by being tagged or mentioned in someone else’s status. That’s how many of us are staying in touch with what our friends are up to. Seems strange, but it’s just how communication has evolved, or devolved, depending on how you look at it. But, we’re missing all of the minor details and nuances of what’s really happening in life, right?

That’s why the phone conversation is making a come-back, we think. People want to revert back to having real conversations, getting real answers, with detail, and building a trusting relationship, with their friends, and with the companies and brands that mean something to them.

And, now that the movement to more personal relationship-building is on the rise, companies need to easily and automatically monitor conversations with customers.

Capturing and Measuring Calls with Customers

Because many people still prefer to contact a business over the phone to resolve issues, measuring and managing the results of phone conversations is more important than ever.

Capturing the conversations is easy – companies just need to use a call recording solution. Monitoring the conversation used to mean manually listening to calls, rewinding, playing, rewinding, taking notes, rewinding, and on and on and on. Then came the introduction of call monitoring software and hardware, which has evolved over time to advanced cloud-based solutions.

The beauty of this automated call monitoring technology (also known as speech analytics) is that it does the heavy-lifting of finding the most important conversations. It does this automatically using keyword search criteria commonly found in agent-customer interactions.

To monitor the full customer experience in phone conversations, there are four basic metrics to measure, outlined here:

  1. Why are customers calling you?
  2. How was the call handled?
  3. Was the customer’s question answered and what was the resolution?
  4. How long did it take to satisfy the customer? Minutes, hours, days?

How Speech Analytics Can Do This For You

To address the four points above:

  1. Managers can identify highlighted key phrases in an audio file, pointing to why a caller has contacted a business. For example, if a business runs a specific promotion – say 50% off our services for the first three months – managers can search for that specific phrase within all conversations. Managers can create a second search for those callers who are looking to “cancel my account.” Then, that company will know how many customers are calling for the promotion, and how many are on the verge of canceling services.
  2. Call monitoring solutions will also help identify how agents handled calls by searching for key phrases around specific situations.
  3. If a customer is happy, you’ll know that through categorizing calls by resolution type.
  4. Speech analytics can also segment out the calls for other departments, and filter out all call records by time duration.

Basically, if you’re looking to monitor calls for any particular reason, CallFinder can accommodate your needs. The data extracted from these calls will help you start to shape the caller’s journey, and identify areas for improvement. Our solution can also help you identify agents who need extra coaching, and deliver other valuable business insights based on your specific needs.

To learn more, request a demo of CallFinder today!

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