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3 Tips To Ensure Customer Happiness With Speech Analytics


Ensure customer happiness with speech analytics, and your business will be successful.

You’ve probably heard the age-old philosophical conundrum: If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?  Well here’s a similar query: If a company has a product, and no customers are around to buy it, can that company be successful? Actually, the answer to the latter question is much more straightforward. No, a company cannot be successful if they’re not selling their products or services.

Customers are not just important to a company, they are an absolute necessity. One could argue they are THE necessity. A company that does not have a strong customer base is like a car that is low on fuel; it’s eventually just going to stop running. So how can businesses ensure they not only keep the customers they currently have, but also gain more customers? Here are three easy to remember tips:

Speech Analytics Helps You Determine What Your Customers Want

If you’ve ever had money to spend, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve been a customer at least once in your life. So you know the things businesses do that determine if you will come back again, or if it’s destined to be a one-time-only situation. You can apply that knowledge to your own business, establishing policies and service that provide the type of experience customers crave. By basing your decisions on what your customers want, you project an image of both empathy and understanding. Customers will leave any interactions with your business feeling good about themselves and your company. And call mining tools such as cloud-based speech analytics will take it a step further, by delving deep into the Voice of the Customer to extract hidden, yet critical customer feedback. You can then use this feedback to make informed strategic business decisions, and take your customers’ experience from “fine” to “fantastic”.

Make Sure Your Customers Can Depend On You

There is an unspoken contract that is often made between businesses and customers. It goes beyond the basic monetary transaction, and is based more on integrity and reliability. For instance, when a customer is having work done on their house and the contractor says they will begin next week, it is simply expected the work will indeed start the following week. Or if a company tells a customer they will get an item shipped out to them immediately, the customer expects the item to arrive within a short amount of time. Much of your customer’s expectations are based on these types of interactions, as they are a form of contract – written or verbal. When these contracts are not fulfilled for whatever reason, it can cause your customers’ trust in you to decline, particularly if there is no explanation (or better yet, compensation). Your relationship with your customers ends up strained, and soon you lose credibility not only with your customers, but with anyone they speak with about you. Your word is your bond; Make it a strong one!

Complaints Are Your Best Friends – Uncover Them With Speech Analytics

Let’s face it: Nobody likes to be criticized. Even constructive criticism can be a bit of a blow to our egos. But although it can be hard to hear, valid criticism is essential for us to grow and improve ourselves. And companies are no different. Customer complaints are certainly not fun, but they are an important part of helping you develop your business, and provide the best customer experience possible. You can also address negative feedback on a greater level through speech analytics, which can provide you with information to help you implement new policies or create different strategies which acknowledge and remedy common customer grievances, so both current and future customers are happy. By really listening to your customers, and handling things in a courteous and professional manner, you will find that both the positive and negative things your customers have to say about you can all be beneficial to your business.

There is one simple rule you always must remember:  You need your customers far more than they need you.  By following these three tips, you can help ensure your customer base not only stays strong, but is always growing.

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