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Develop Topnotch Training Programs with Call Quality Monitoring Software


Customer service is often the main differentiator between competing companies. Call monitoring software is a powerful customer service training tool used to evaluate and improve that critical point of contact between a customer and a call center agent, sales person, or other customer-facing employee.

Without an automated call monitoring solution, QA managers cannot accurately track key performance indicators (KPIs). They also lack the ability to measure agent performance, script compliance, and the overall customer experience. Plus, manual call monitoring is both challenging and time consuming.

With CallFinder’s speech analytics technology, you get automated scorecards, call transcriptions, and actionable insights you can use to:

  • Track agent performance
  • Monitor script compliance for customer-facing employees
  • Identify agents who may need further training
  • Identify process issues and knowledge gaps in various business units
  • Empower and engage agents with knowledge and effective training
  • Increase agent retention and boost efficiency in the contact center

Increased knowledge of agent performance and productivity will add to your company’s customer service monitoring tools, generate more sales, and improve the overall customer experience.

Learn how our cloud-based speech analytics solution can help your business monitor customer conversations for improving agent training, script compliance, and the overall customer experience. Book your demo today!

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