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Cloud Speech Analytics: A Better Process Without IT


While it certainly isn’t news that technology is changing at an ever-increasing pace, what is surprising is the number of companies that continue to shy away from it, even though it can help improve business processes by leaps and bounds. This is because modern technology, including cloud-based speech analytics, is leveling the playing fields. It’s time for the small to mid-sized businesses, that haven’t already done so, to embrace it.

Cloud-based speech analytics is accessible to small to mid-sized companies because it is more affordable than its on-premise counterpart. An on-premise solution requires software and hardware installation within a company’s system network. This is time (and money) that SMBs just don’t have. Using the software no longer requires a large IT budget. A cloud-based solution draws on few, if any, IT resources for installation or maintenance. Because a cloud-based solution is much more flexible, it can be deployed within a week.

A cloud-based speech analytics solution also draws on fewer IT resources because no changes are necessary to an existing telephony. There is no integration with an existing phone system, internal systems, servers, etc. which means that a new phone system doesn’t need to be purchased.

Are you thinking about upgrading to a cloud-based speech analytics solution? Here are some additional benefits to consider:

Gather data directly from customers. Speech analytics software not only records, but also tracks all calls with your customers. This is a wealth of data that many companies are missing out on.

Mine hours of content in minutes. Call center managers no longer need to manually listen in on calls, which doesn’t provide a clear, accurate picture of what customer conversations are like. Using cloud-based speech analytics, you are able to track important keywords and have data within a matter of minutes.

Gather statistical reports regularly. Companies no longer need to wait days, weeks, or months for market research. It’s in their hands within minutes using cloud-based speech analytics software. Statistical reports can be gathered on a daily basis, or more frequently throughout the day if needed.

Increased revenue. When a cloud-based speech analytics solution is deployed properly, a company is able to track its performance in many areas. In the call center, agent performance can be monitored. Sales and marketing can use the data to determine what campaigns and selling techniques are working, and which ones aren’t. With this data in hand a company can work towards improving its overall process to increase revenue.

A cloud-based speech analytics solution is accessible, affordable, and provides a company with impactful benefits. It’s time for SMBs to embrace the technology and continue to level the playing field.

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