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3 Call Center Technology Trends To Watch In 2017

It’s the start of another new year, which means people all across the country are making resolutions to become the best versions of themselves. But it’s not just people; even businesses are looking at ways they can improve. And one area that is being meticulously scrutinized is a company’s call center technology used to communicate with customers, along with their agents’ performance.

The contact center is a primary source for delivering one of, if not THE most important piece of a company’s success:  the customer experience. The customer experience drives repeat business, loyalty, and referrals…. Read more

Contact Center Must-Haves for 2016

Keep customers happy by incorporating these must-haves into your contact center in the New Year, and be sure to strongly consider speech analytics to access the actual voice of your customers – the unquantifiable data that can be processed and analyzed for business insights…. Read more

Pieces of a Company That Make Up the Call Center Puzzle


As this recent article points out, there are multiple divisions of a company that play into the call center specifically.

To be effective in implementing a speech analytics solution, you must make sure to have a designated team in place, consisting of all members within various departments of your business that will have a role in developing search criteria and objectives, analyzing the data and results provided by the technology, and then responsible for implementing change within the company to improve overall process, call handling procedures, and improve overall operations…. Read more

Report: The Secret to Call Center Retention and Productivity

Thanks to advancements in data collection and voice of customer technology solutions, specifically speech analytics, call center operators have access to the technology they need to help them monitor agents’ conversations with customers to help determine what type of people succeed in call center environments; the qualities of excellent call center agents.   A recent report published by Software Advice, shares several tips on how call centers can identify the personality traits of excellent agents.   Here is a snippet of the full report:… Read more