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800response Launches Speech Analytics Application


Customers Reduce Listening Time by Half with CallFinderTM

BURLINGTON, VT – October 11, 2011 – 800response, the leading provider of vanity 800 numbers and web-based call tracking, announced today the launch of CallFinderTM, a unique speech-detection application that scans and analyzes call recordings for key phrases in real-time.   This dynamic technology takes call recording to a new level, allowing businesses to efficiently and quickly pinpoint priority calls such as pricing concerns, customer complaints, script compliance, and other business intelligence.

CallFinder automatically finds the calls that matter most to a business based on key search criteria specified by the business. CallFinder scans the content of every conversation in real-time and identifies which calls contain the phrases the business has identified as important.   The technology and custom audio player, developed by 800response, tags the recordings with the key spoken phrases at the point they occur in the conversation.

According to Lupe Ramirez of North-West College, “CallFinder has helped make my job easier in identifying our priority calls.   It automatically identifies the calls that are applicable to the key phrases that I built into our searches, so I only have to listen to those calls that are relevant, rather than listen to all of our calls each day to find the important ones.”

The technology that runs CallFinder quickly identifies the calls of interest, and provides real-time results so the user can access the conversations of greatest importance, while weeding out the calls that are not relevant to the search, saving business resources.   “Since we’ve been using CallFinder, I spend less time listening to calls. I have cut my daily listening time in half, which gives me more time to focus on my other responsibilities,” Ms. Ramirez added.

“CallFinder is a powerful upgrade to the typical Call Recording service available to businesses. We developed CallFinder as a result of our understanding that listening to calls, while important, is extremely time consuming, leaving many businesses to settle for reviewing just a sample of their recorded calls,” says Laura Noonan, vice president of marketing and corporate communications of 800response.   “We know that there is critical information contained in each consumer interaction that can assist our customers in delivering better customer service and sales support, and in turn make them more profitable.”

800response’s new speech-analytics offering integrates into their existing call tracking platform. The seamless user interface provides one platform for customers to monitor advertising campaign performance, track incoming call data and capture leads.

About 800response

800response maintains the widest selection of vanity 800 numbers available today, and offers these dynamic advertising tools to increase response rates and improve ROI for businesses in North America.   Services include a sophisticated Call Routing platform, real-time Call Tracking reports, and Call Monitoring services like Call Recording and Missed Call Monitor.   Call 1-800-NEW-SALE for more information, or visit  

About CallFinder

CallFinder is an innovative speech-detection technology, offered only by 800response. This powerful application finds specific spoken phrases within Call Recordings in real-time. CallFinder can identify and categorize calls that cover pricing concerns, customer complaints, and script compliance, provides business intelligence, and much more. Setting up personalized search definitions is easy using a Web-based application. To learn more about CallFinder, and the power of this unique speech-detection system, call 1-800-NEW-SALE or contact 800response, and visit

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