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Speech Analytics Software Delivers Valuable Business Insights and Automates Market Research

MyCallfinder - Speech Analytics VendorTechnology advancements in the field of speech analytics have grown tremendously over the last decade, providing companies with an enormous opportunity to leverage the content of their business calls to improve operations within many different departments including customer service, sales, marketing, operations, and compliance.

Speech analytics scan thousands of phone conversations in a systematic way, transforming unstructured, leveraged data into insights that can then be readily examined at numerous levels of the corporate infrastructure.

This ability to efficiently access the in-depth business intelligence contained within these daily conversations provides companies a new avenue to gain direct insight into the customers’ experiences, their satisfaction levels, purchase patterns, loyalty, and more.

By utilizing speech analytics, businesses can then in turn use this information to develop future products, services, and strategies with the overall goal of increasing revenues.

Discover the Content of Your Conversations with Customers – with an Affordable Speech Analytics Vendor

Your business can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity to automatically scan calls for keywords and phrases and uncover valuable, actionable business insights. Extracting key business insights with advanced speech analytics is precise and easy with CallFinder.

CallFinder provides powerful and affordable speech analytics software for companies of all sizes and industries. If your business has an in-house contact center, sales, customer service, or other departments that you want to monitor, CallFinder’s cloud-based recording and speech analytics solutions will help you:

  1. Capture the customer experience with call recordings of every inbound phone call.
  2. Search calls for key phrases to gain business intelligence.
  3. Discover areas in your business, such as phone sales training, that need operational improvements.
  4. Monitor call center analytics to measure marketing campaign results and customer responses.
  5. Provide call center quality assurance and script compliance assurance, identifying compliance breakdowns as they occur.

When analyzed, your conversations with customers will deliver insights and give you the power to effectively monitor call quality and measure agent performance, allowing you to improve business processes, become more efficient, and better manage customer relationships to keep them happy and coming back.

Your Customers and Agents Have a Lot to Say – Don’t Miss It

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