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6 Reasons to Add Speech Analytics to Your 2013 Business Strategy


Customer experience is the key differentiator between your company and a competitor.

How do you make sure you are delivering the best possible customer experience, on every call? Speech analytics is how.

Our affordable cloud-based solution allows you to search and analyze the content of every incoming phone call to your business.

With CallFinder, you can extract valuable data on how well you are meeting the following:

1. Customer Satisfaction

The front line is where a speech analytics solution can help companies address customer service quality, while providing the necessary data to build better agent training programs. Managers can search definitions based on specific business goals and criteria within a speech analytics solution to uncover poorly handled calls, or incidences of low customer satisfaction.

This allows a business to quickly identify areas that need process improvements in order to achieve those goals. Speech analysis also allows contact center managers to keep a pulse on the levels of customer satisfaction as a result of their interactions with agents. This also allows managers to fine-tune training programs to ensure that agents are performing according to business standards.

2. Cost Savings

Categorizing calls using speech analytics to identify call type (based on search definitions and key phrases) will help a business improve efficiencies. High volume, long duration and repeat calls will give indications of where an organization may be able to reduce average call handling times.

But you can also reduce the wrap-up time spent during a customer service conversation. This will help you identify any causes for long duration calls, and address them to save agent time and the company money. Therefore, efficiently responding to certain calls – either with customer interaction and follow up, or by internal process change – will improve business operations overall, while reducing costs.

3. Competitive Intelligence

Not only can a speech analytics system provide knowledge on a business, but it can also provide powerful insights on the latest promotions, strategies, and messages of your top competitors. This knowledge empowers a company to adjust campaigns and strategies to get ahead of competitors.

4. Marketing Effectiveness

With speech analytics, searches can track the campaign performance, promotions, and key messages. Calls can be categorized by business unit, specific products and services, brands, marketing campaigns, and competitor mentions.

5. Reduce Customer Loss

common key phrases that go hand-in-hand with a successful sale also gives a business the ability to identify common objections and reasons associated with customers wishing to cancel a service or purchase. This knowledge provides clear insights to justify a shift in marketing strategy, key messaging, and changes that may be necessary to training and support programs.

6. Script Compliance

Failure to follow a mandatory script or business process leads to issues with customer satisfaction and efficiency, and could put your business at regulatory risk. However, a speech analytics solution helps pinpoint non-compliant calls and offending agents, and it provides a jump on risk mitigation and improving training programs to ensure compliance.

There you have it – six reasons why your business will benefit and grow by investing in valuable insights on your customers, agents, and overall business practices.

Learn more when you schedule a short demo of CallFinder’s cloud-based speech analytics solution.

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