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5 Tips for a Seamless Speech Analytics Integration


With all the fuss about ChatGPT and the rise of artificial intelligence, speech analytics has received a lot more attention as an “AI-fueled” solution. It’s true that speech analytics software is a powerful tool to help businesses understand their customers and improve operations. But many people don’t quite understand how speech analytics works, or what’s involved with integrating a speech analytics solution.

This post will cover five tips for a seamless speech analytics integration with your existing tech stack and operations.

Tips for a Seamless Speech Analytics Integration

Before we dig into the tips, the first step to integrating a speech analytics solution is to establish a quality monitoring process. This will help ensure that the insights gained from the software are properly utilized to improve operations. And the first step to that is determining what you hope to get from leveraging speech analytics software in your call center.

1. Determine Your Objectives

Before integrating speech analytics into your tech stack, it’s important to determine your objectives. What do you hope to accomplish with speech analytics? Do you want to improve customer service, increase sales, or increase efficiency within your operation? Most businesses start with improving the customer experience as their main objective.

Once you’ve determined your objectives, you’ll know what types of data you need to collect and analyze. The next step is to research speech analytics vendors.

2. Research Speech Analytics Vendors

There are many speech analytics solutions available on the market. It’s important to choose the right solution for your call center, taking into consideration your specific needs and budget. Most are cloud-based, while others are installed on-site using hardware. Some are designed for specific industries, such as healthcare or finance, while others are more general-purpose.

When selecting a speech analytics vendor, consider factors such as cost, ease of use, scalability, and integration with your existing systems. Make sure you sign up for a demo so you can see the solution in action before making a decision.

3. Ask About the Solution’s Tech Integration

Once you’ve selected a few speech analytics venders, ask lots of questions! Be sure to ask how their integration process works. Will it easily integrate with your existing systems? What will that entail? Do you need to use up a lot of internal resources, or IT hours?

Make sure you understand how the solution connects to your customer relationship management (CRM) system, your call center software, or other business intelligence tools. Depending on the vendor, there may be APIs or other integration tools available to simplify this process.

For instance, the video below shows how CallFinder’s seamless integration makes it incredibly easy for businesses to implement our solution.

4. Ensure That Your Team is Set Up for Training

To ensure your ROI, it’s essential that your team understands how to use the speech analytics software effectively. This may involve training materials from the vendor, hands-on training sessions, or hiring a consultant to help with the integration process. By ensuring that your team is comfortable with the new technology, you’ll maximize the benefits of speech analytics.

5. Understand the Type of Support Offered

Most pure-play speech analytics solutions are not designed as out-of-the-box solutions. To ensure your ROI, you must continuously evaluate and improve the speech analytics solution. However, you shouldn’t be left to your own devices to do this. That’s why it’s important to look for a Managed Solution that comes with support from an expert who works with you and your team.

This person will help you choose specific metrics that measure the success of your quality monitoring program. For example, an expert analyst might suggest that you track the number of customer complaints resolved per day, or the percentage of calls that result in a sale. This will help ensure that the solution remains relevant and continues to deliver value over time.

See CallFinder in Action with a Demo

Successfully integrating speech analytics into your existing tech stack can provide valuable insights into your daily operations. However, it all depends on finding the right solution for your needs. CallFinder is easy to integrate, comes with Managed Client Support, and according to our clients, saves call center managers a ton of time.

Learn how CallFinder can transform your call center by scheduling a demo. Or contact us any time if you have questions about our solution.

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