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5 Must-Have Skills for Customer Service Managers


customer service agents in a call center
Many companies say they prioritize the customer experience, but do they really understand just how important it is? According to HubSpot’s research, nine out of ten Americans use customer service as a deciding factor when choosing where to take their business. And 58% of consumers would switch to a competitor due to poor customer service.

Clearly, these are not stats that companies can take lightly, so they need someone to help keep their CS efforts on track. The ideal customer service manager has the skills required to maintain a positive customer experience through supporting and training their agents. Here are five of those skills.

1. Understanding of Customer Needs

This may seem like an obvious skill for customer service managers, but it is much more complex in practice. CS departments regularly interact with a variety of customers with different needs. Managers must understand both customer expectations and how to train agents to deliver them. This is best accomplished with automated quality monitoring tools that reveal what customers really want.

2. Ability to Delegate

Customer service requires many different factors to run smoothly. It’s not enough for a CS manager to simply be “in charge” – they must guarantee that everyone is in sync. That’s why delegation skills are so important. CS managers need to be able to effectively assign a variety of tasks at any given moment, and be sure the work will get done. The more effective a manager is at delegating, the more likely their team will reach their goals.

3. Strong Communication

A recent survey of customer service workers revealed 88% believe communication skills are vital, and 71% value listening skills. The lines of communication between CS managers and employees must go both ways. Managers need to know how to provide well-received constructive criticism that’s easy to understand. And they must also be open to feedback and suggestions from their team members.  It all adds up to one well-oiled machine.

4. Morale Building

A good CS manager also knows how to keep their team motivated. According to another survey, 69% of workers wish businesses would recognize and better use their skills and abilities. Managers must recognize their agents’ strengths and apply them accordingly. They must also acknowledge and celebrate workers’ accomplishments and victories. By building team morale, CS managers can keep employees motivated to offer an exceptional customer experience.

5. Empathy

Customer service can be highly stressful at times. CS managers must be empathetic not only towards customers, but also towards their team members. Supporting workers both professionally and emotionally during difficult times is crucial to employee happiness. In fact, the same survey revealed that 59% of workers quit because they felt a company valued profit over people. Managers with strong empathy skills bring a truly positive energy to their teams.

Just as a poor CS experience can be detrimental, a good experience can have the opposite effect. 89% of customers are more apt to make another purchase following a good experience. Studies show revenue increases between 4 and 8% when businesses prioritize the customer experience. And a great customer service manager will maintain a positive experience for both customers and employees.

Want to give your Customer Service Managers the tools needed to keep agents on track? Take a tour of CallFinder’s automated quality monitoring solution, and give your CS managers extra time to develop these must-have skills.


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