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4 Uses For Speech Analytics Software In Call Centers


The latest advancements in contact center monitoring technology, specific to incoming customer phones calls, enables businesses to automatically mine large numbers of stored calls for valuable customer data and business insights. For example, speech analytics software empowers you to quickly search conversations and listen to only those interactions that require review and action.While this process is certainly available to do with online chat and social media conversations using text analytics, the reality is still that the majority of consumers place phone calls to the companies they conduct business with when it comes time to ask questions, get answers, and address issues.

Consider, for example, how you deal with your credit card company when you see an unfamiliar charge on your account. Do you go to their website and start chatting online with a service representative, or do you place a phone call to the toll-free number on the back of your card? Most of us complete the latter option, giving us direct connection and easy communication with a person to address our concerns and fix the issue, the first time.

Why Would A Business Want To Implement A Speech Analytics Solution?

1. Businesses that operate internal customer service teams, contact centers and sales teams can ultimately improve their sales in many ways with this technology. And the enhanced customer experience that you can achieve with a call mining solution can substantially boost your ROI.

2. This automated recording and analysis process effortlessly finds specific spoken phrases within call recordings in real time, and identifies and categorizes calls that cover many business challenges, like workforce training, agent performance, and script compliance.

3. Call recording software with analytics helps you uncover vital data that would otherwise be lost. You can search your recording for key words that are relevant to your business goals. A real-time call mining solution will identify and categorize incoming calls and then present them in a user-friendly online interface for analysis.

Here are just four of many ways that your business can implement this technology in the contact center to improve performance and turn the department into a profit-generating business center:

1. Learn why people are calling and how you can achieve and improved customer experience. Mine your call data to uncover:

  • the reason for the call
  • agent accuracy, politeness and attitude
  • competitors’ names
  • customer interest in competitor offerings

2. Identify new sales opportunities from customer conversations. When you uncover your competitors’ strategies, you’ll be able to quickly create more effective marketing strategies for your products and services. You’ll immediately discover which competitors have the edge on you and what your customers like about their services.

3. Uncover real customer issues and objections for better customer satisfaction. This technology allows you to collect large and continuous samples of customer data and then automatically will search those call records, gaining insight into customers’ needs and expectations. Your contact center will gain objectivity previously unavailable.

4. Create training programs to improve agent performance. Recordings of agent conversations with clients creates a window into client-agent interactions around which you can build superior training programs using compelling, real-life examples. Agents can hear themselves in action and receive support to help them improve.

Innovative technology implementations empower companies by enabling them to mine unstructured data from customer interactions and gain valuable insight about their customers. When used to best advantage, speech analytics software will elevate the performance of your contact center – from agent performance to strategic planning – and contribute to the company’s bottom line.

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