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3 Underused Speech Analytics Use Cases You Should Know About


You’ve purchased a speech analytics solution for your company or call center because you had big plans for growing your business. But now you’re not sure how to use it. Or maybe you’ve already met your original business goals but wish you were doing more. There are plenty of speech analytics use cases for any organization – from improving customer service to ensuring script compliance.

But there are a lot of unsung speech analytics use cases. Here are three of our favorites.

Speech Analytics 101

Before we get into it, we want to make sure everyone understands speech analytics. If you’re already familiar with how this technology works, then scroll on down to the next section. If not, here it is in a nutshell.

Companies typically record calls and manually listen to and review them for quality assurance. However, this wastes a lot of time and resources. Speech analytics automates this process by searching for keywords and phrases that are important to the business. If the company wants to improve agent performance, for example, call center managers would look for phrases related to agent-customer interactions. Some examples include, “Did I answer your question today?” or “You’ve been very helpful,” or “I need to speak to a manager.”

Then those phrases are automatically categorized, scored, and placed into a scorecard for the manager to review. Scorecard results can be sent via email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The company then uses that data to meet certain business goals across all departments.

For more on how speech analytics works, check out our speech analytics overview. Now let’s get to the speech analytics use cases that are often overlooked.

Using Speech Analytics to Monitor Product Trial Periods

Product trial periods are popular because they often bring in new leads and new business. But let’s say a trial user has problems with the product. Or maybe the user loves the product, but there’s no survey to provide feedback. The company can easily track the effectiveness of the trial with speech analytics.

An automatic scan will first identify any calls that mention trial periods. When you work with CallFinder, an analyst will help you establish search definitions that are categorized according to your goals. Management can then use this data to measure which products will be successful in the marketplace and generate customer satisfaction. In addition to monitoring the customer experience, managers save time by reviewing only the calls that matched the established searches.

Track Patient Preferences

In one case study, Callfinder’s speech analytics solution helped a cosmetic surgery practice track caller interest in the various procedures that they offered. The client categorized the breakdown of incoming calls by procedure type to analyze their current marketing and promotion strategies. This uncovered what customers were most interested in.

This kind of business intelligence justified a shift in marketing campaigns. So the client developed a new marketing campaign to promote multiple procedures at one time. By discovering customer preferences through CallFinder’s call monitoring system, the client was able to bring in more business.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Staying ahead of the competition is another way to use speech analytics. One CallFinder client used our solution to target conversations on competitive pricing. They created searches within the call recordings for key phrases related to this topic, such as “beat the competitor price” and “match the competitor price.”

First, the client was able to segment out all relevant calls. Then they used automated reporting to create scorecards on their competitors’ pricing. The scorecards revealed that their products were priced higher than the industry standards. The company adjusted their pricing model to match industry standards, and they shifted their marketing strategies to gain a competitive edge.

CallFinder can help your company easily identify script compliance issues, training opportunities, customer satisfaction levels, and more. For more speech analytics use cases, check all of CallFinder’s case studies.

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