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3 Negative Phone Behaviors & How to Overcome Them with Speech Analytics


AchieveGlobal recently conducted a worldwide consumer survey about real customer service. The survey report, “Why Customers Stay or Stray: Insight From Global Customer Experience Research,” reveals how important it is for companies to get the customer experience right.

Here are a few key findings from the report:

  1. Some customers said that being heard and respected are more important than having an issue resolved.
  2. Rudeness and indifference are ranked among top negative in-person behaviors.
  3. The top three negative phone behaviors include being transferred multiple times, not getting a real person, and being put on hold.

What’s the big picture take-away from these findings?

What matters most is the emotional impact of interactions with front-line employees. Even more than problem-solving capabilities, customers value good interpersonal skills of the employee representatives of the companies they do business with. The findings show how crucial it is for companies to train their employees to listen to customers, understand their needs, and to know how they can respond and help resolve a customers’ issues.

So, how does a company do this; provide a well thought out and thorough training program, and how do they ensure that their employees are following the program?   They can use telecom solutions that record their calls, and then use technology to mine the calls for keywords and phrases.   This is known as speech analytics.

How Speech Analytics Can Help:

A speech analytics system allows a business to create content searches that automatically monitor customer conversations captured in audio recordings. The content searches are customized by the business to identify keywords and phrases specific to their business, giving them real knowledge to overcome challenges, transform the business, and assist multiple departments in meeting their various business goals of customer satisfaction, revenue, quality, compliance and workplace efficiency.

Speech analytics will help businesses:

  1. Gain flexible, scalable business knowledge that any customer-facing department can use to analyze their work.
  2. Increase revenue by providing a great customer experience and encouraging repeat business from their customers.
  3. Control costs by appropriately training their customer-facing workforce the first time.
  4. Diminish risk by having systems in place to make sure customer-facing employees are compliant with company-mandated scripts, and federal rules and regulations while in conversation with customers.

With a speech analytics application in place, businesses have access to invaluable information contained within their interactions with customers. Many facets of a business can benefit from mining call data, also known in the anecdotal sense as capturing the ”˜voice’ of the customer, as a market research technique to delve into the details of customers’ wants and needs. Without a speech analytics tool, it is not feasible or practical for a business to capture customer interactions in any meaningful, efficient way.

To learn more about cloud-based speech analytics solutions, contact us today or call 1-800-639-1700.

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