Improving Agent Performance
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Improving Agent Performance

July 29, 2013 by Morgan Pulitzer

The frontline agent position can be extremely difficult. Juggling scripts, tasks, company policy, and procedure while listening to the customer at the same time can be stressful. Call monitoring can cause further stress for agents who may lose confidence and efficiency as they worry about accuracy and their job security. The result can be constant employee turnaround, loss of customers, and loss of business.

Call monitoring can be used as an ongoing training tool that will improve  agent performance, reduce stress, and boost confidence. Many agents are intimidated by the call monitoring system. They may feel they are not being trusted to execute their job correctly. As part of the training process, agents should know why call monitoring is critical to the company and the logic behind the process they must adhere to. If they realize how breakdowns from script compliance can result in liability and risk issues that could affect their jobs, they are more likely to strive to meet all company requirements.

If you allow agents to listen to calls that are script compliant and those that aren’t as part of their training, it gives them the opportunity to address their own mistakes, make corrections, and establish clear goals to stay within the company’s procedures and policies. In this way you are empowering your agents to own the calls and improve their customer service while being 100% compliant.

Agents thrive on performance recognition. Rewarding them in some way will give them faith in themselves and build their company loyalty. The results will:

  1. Increase customer satisfaction
  2. Produce a consistent customer experience
  3. Generate more sales
  4. Improve agent professionalism, curtsey, and empathy
  5. Increase agent retention

CallFinder is an innovative call recording and speech analytics software that can be used to train your agents to be efficient and script compliant. Contact us  to see how we can help improve agent performance.