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Speech Analytics on Vanity 800 Phone Number Provides Invaluable Data

May 15, 2013 by Morgan Pulitzer

The basic premise behind an 800 vanity number is for ease of remembering when you need to make a call to your contractor, auto dealer and service provider, or financial planner.   If a potential customer is frustrated looking for a phone number in order to reach your business, they will most likely give up and call the first one they online find instead.   However, someone looking for a plastic surgeon will very easily remember a number with “image” as the last five digits, for example 800-NEW-IMAGE. The same is true for any type of business if the vanity 800 number is extremely suitable to the business, conveying what they do, and memorable.

Once your vanity 800 number is in place, and used in your radio spots and TV ads, on fleet vehicles, and on outdoor media, how do you, as a company, really know which is working the best?   With a series of call tracking reports, it is possible to tell which ad or commercial is the most active source of calls, what day of the week is most popular and even what time of day most calls are made.

To take the analysis one step further, speech analytics from CallFinder can provide even more detail, information and invaluable data that can save your company time and money.   A specific search engine of sorts, CallFinder searches can be created to scan recorded calls for precise keywords and phrases that are relevant to a business, and the businesses key management initiatives.   By creating searches specific to the nature of the calls you want to identify, you can skip over listening and analyzing all other non-relevant calls and get right to the source of your analysis.   Whether these calls will help identify pricing problems, complaints or provide other helpful customer information is up to the individual that is doing the analyzing.

The bottom line of a business is the key to lasting success.   The product and/or service provided must of course please the customer and generate repeat business.   But, before all this can happen, customers must be able to find you.   Marketing, even with the help of the internet and ease of communicating all over the world, has never been more important to establish a business’ “brand.”   Part of that brand can be a recognizable, easy-to-remember vanity 800 number.

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