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Speech Analytics Software Helps Companies Harvest Business Intelligence

June 12, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer

In today’s ultra-competitive world of commerce, where gaining an “edge” is more of a challenge than ever before, many companies find themselves in an almost perpetual state of repositioning as they work to leverage their strengths, offerings and assets. Strategic adjustments may entail restructuring, re-branding or reinvigorating the company website as efforts are undertaken to reduce costs while at the same time become more efficient in targeting and attracting customers.

One method that in recent years has proven to be extremely effective in helping enterprises to achieve these goals is “speech analytics.” Also referred to as “audio mining,” this is a process by which recorded phone calls between representatives or call centers and customers are automatically searched in real time for keywords and phrases that are customized to every company, based on their operation challenges and goals.   The call recordings are quickly processed and categorized, and are converted into useful data for companies to analyze.


The Advantages of Call Monitoring Software

Among its many benefits, access to call center analytics saves businesses the time and expense of having to assign resources to spend hours sifting through every recorded conversation in an attempt to glean valuable information. A speech analytics solution will replace the need for manual data entry by front line employees as they are in the process of a call, which is often laborious and produces inaccurate data just be the nature of human error.

Speech analytics technology is a highly effective way for companies to perform audio mining on call recordings to glean information that helps improve operations and agent performance within the sales and customer service departments, and is also a useful tool for all areas and operations of a company.

Speech analytics software can be customized to meet the particular needs of any business or organization. Basically, speech analytics technology uses “phonemes,” or speech sounds, combined with a multitude of words, terms and specifically assigned keywords to recognize and extract applicable intelligence and customer insight.

Call and contact center monitoring technology optimizes the ability of a business to effectively serve existing and potential customers. It reduces risk exposure, helps to minimize the length of calls, greatly increases call resolution rates and enhances agent performance.

The use of speech analytics enables an enterprise to increase overall productivity, develop a more acute understanding of customer needs and desires and better interpret how its products and services are perceived. The result? A much higher percentage of satisfied customers in an ever-discerning business environment.


How To Find A Speech Analytics Provider

Until recently, only large enterprises, contact centers and government agencies could afford call recording with speech analytics. CallFinder’s mission is to bring this increasingly valuable call monitoring technology to small and medium-sized businesses, keeping call recording and analysis simple, affordable and timely.   Start discovering conversations with call monitoring software today – call 1-800-639-1700 to speak with a CallFinder specialist and schedule an online demo.