Gain AI-Driven Insights Into Agent Performance With CallFinder View

Cultivate high-performing agent teams and see an upward impact on company revenues through in-depth conversation analytics and insights.

Increase in Revenue
Reduced Average Talk Time
Call Monitoring

The CallFinder Difference

We built CallFinder to help businesses transform their customer operations using conversational insights to enhance the customer experience and drive revenue growth across the entire business, not just the contact center.

Increase Revenue Generated By The Contact Center Team

Our clients report a 30% increase in revenue simply by using CallFinder View’s suite of AI-fueled interaction analytics to uncover agent knowledge gaps. Searchable call transcriptions and our user-friendly dashboard with sentiment analysis and silence and overtalk insights provide everything you need to coach and retrain your agents to deliver a better customer experience.

Reduce Average Handle Times & Abandon Rates

With CallFinder’s silence and overtalk detection, you get a clearer view of the contexts and meanings of customer interactions. Insights will quickly identify whether an agent simply needs help with basic skills, or if more nuanced training is needed to improve soft skills.Detecting silence and overtalk during conversations will ultimately reduce AHT and abandon rates through identifying customer pain points, agent shortcomings, positive reactions, and coaching opportunities. CallFinder’s Insights ensures that your agents support customers in the best way possible while improving KPI’s.

Transform CX By Monitoring 100% Of Your Interactions

At CallFinder, we know first-hand that elevating the customer experience reduces churn and increases revenue. We also know that the experience you give to your customers affects how customers feel about your company and your brand, and why it’s so critical to your success as a business. That’s why we developed CallFinder View with automated tools and features that make it easy for businesses to put the customer experience first. Watch our video to learn how to transform and elevate CX with CallFinder.

Find Agent Knowledge Gaps And Coach Agents For Success

Improving agent performance has a direct impact on how your customers experience your business, and it drives new revenue. CallFinder View’s features give you a quick bird’s-eye view into the performance of your agents, and where you can coach for success.

Automated Call Transcriptions

Looking for how many times a customer mentioned a certain product, or how often your competitors are mentioned during conversations? No problem! Use CallFinder’s highly-accurate call transcriptions.

Quick Access To Agent Insights

With Sentiment Analytics, Silence and Overtalk detection, you’ll gain near real-time insights to help you develop holistic agent training programs that address agent knowledge gaps, customer needs, and more.

Hassle-Free Integration

We know your time is valuable, and so is the time of your IT team. That’s why we built CallFinder to be easy and user-friendly. All we need from your IT is an API Token to get data flowing from your recording provider into CallFinder.

Automate & Scale Your Quality Assurance Process To 100%

Manually monitoring agent interactions is painstakingly slow, expensive, and cannot provide a statistically valid view into your agent-customer interactions. Take your Quality Assurance process from 2% to 100% instantly with 100% visibility into every interaction with CallFinder View. Schedule a demo today!

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