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Explore our knowledge base of materials and learn how to use our speech analytics solution to gather critical business intelligence, monitor customer experience, improve agent training, work more effectively, lower costs, and increase revenue.

Powering Change in the Utilities Industry with Speech Analytics

The US Utilities Industry faces a number of overlapping challenges, from changing customer expectations to a changing fuel mix While many companies are committed to developing a more resilient power grid, change is slow due to aging infrastructure, increasing cybersecurity threats, and[...]

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Managing Quality Assurance Metrics with Automated Quality Monitoring

Businesses are realizing that the conversations taking place every day between their employees and customers hold much more valuable information than previously understood Quality call monitoring tools provide the solutions that businesses need to create a truly customer-centric[...]

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Guide: Funding Speech Analytics & Leveraging Insights to Improve ROI

Any business that handles a large amount of inbound call traffic understands the importance of efficiently responding to customer needs, completing sales calls, and delivering an improved Return on Investment (ROI) However, achieving these deliverables in a fast-paced environment can[...]

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Monitor & Improve Interactions with Speech Analytics

Contact centers often find themselves under pressure to go from cost center to “profit center," and to do more than ever before At the same time, we’re seeing that contact centers continue to be the focal point of a business and, therefore, the customer experience But understanding[...]

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debt recovery for collections with speech analytics

Goodbye Traditional QA. Hello Speech Analytics!

The New Best Practice in Quality Assurance This webcast was originally presented during a roundtable session with CRMXchange Learn more about the challenges of traditional quality assurance monitoring, and the advancements in today’s technology to include automated speech analytics[...]

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Beyond Call Recording and Quality Assurance

Business owners and managers are realizing that traditional call recording cannot provide easy access to the insights gained from the daily conversations between employees and customers This whitepaper explains how companies are accessing in-depth business intelligence contained within[...]

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