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Explore our knowledge base of materials and learn how to use our speech analytics solution to gather critical business intelligence, monitor customer experience, improve agent training, work more effectively, lower costs, and increase revenue.

Integrated Financial Technologies (IFT) Exceeds KPIs with CallFinder

Integrated Financial Technologies (IFT) is a part of the Travelers Financial Group of Companies, with an advanced call center in Vancouver, Canada IFT deploys and manages over $6 billion worth of capital in the auto, equipment, and consumer finance industries with ventures in Canada, the United[...]

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CallFinder Speech Analytics Overview

CallFinder is a market-leading provider of cloud-based speech analytics for small to medium-size businesses to improve agent performance and customer experiences Watch this video to learn how our powerful, affordable, and easy to use solution can improve quality monitoring in your[...]

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Give Customers the Best Experience

Are your call center agents providing the best customer experience possible Find out with CallFinder! Learn how our call quality monitoring and customer experience solution tracks agent-customer interactions to deliver unbiased agent performance evaluations, monitor script compliance, measure KPIs,[...]

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CRMXchange Building New Roads to Greater Productivity RoadVantage

Automated agent scoring is key to improving both contact center performance and the customer experience while boosting the bottom line You know that implementing speech analytics and transcription solutions in the contact center offers significant business benefits Now, we can show you how the[...]

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