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CRMXchange Building New Roads To Greater Productivity RoadVantage

Automated agent scoring is key to improving both contact center performance and the customer experience while boosting the bottom line. You know that implementing speech analytics and transcription solutions in the contact center offers significant business benefits. Now, we can show you how the process works.

How RoadVantage Uses CallFinder

RoadVantage, the fastest growing finance and insurance automotive aftermarket specialist, is powered by a passion to create the best possible customer experience.

In this webcast, you will hear directly from their director of operations how leveraging insights from analytics helped fuel their progress. Learn how they were able to:

  • Reduce handle times by 14%
  • Gain 100% management visibility into 100% customer interactions
  • Increase QA team productivity & efficiency by monitoring more interactions in less time
  • Identify customer need trends & use insights to improve the customer experience

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