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Why CCaaS Speech Analytics Doesn’t Meet Expectations

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If you’re looking to benefit from speech analytics, it’s tempting to go with whatever you get with an all-in-one CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) platform. A cloud company that offers a wide variety of features seems like the smart choice. After all, you’re saving money, right? Not necessarily.

The truth is that the speech analytics included in a CCaaS, all-in-one solution may not give you the results (and ROI) you expect. Meanwhile, a company that specializes in speech analytics is more likely to provide optimal results. In this post, we’ll explore all the reasons CCaaS speech analytics doesn’t meet expectations, not by a long shot.

Before we do that, let’s define CCaaS.

What Is a CCaaS Platform?

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a cloud-based solution designed to optimize customer interactions. Most CCaaS providers offer a range of features, from call routing and data reporting to speech analytics and artificial intelligence. And most CCaaS providers will tell you that this model is more cost-effective and reduces the need for internal IT support. However, they don’t tell you that the very nature of an all-in-one solution actually reduces your ROI due to a variety of reasons.

Where CCaaS Speech Analytics Falls Short

Speech analytics is an area where CCaaS solutions don’t meet expectations for most companies. Why? CCaaS providers generally lack the advanced AI and speech analytics capabilities required for comprehensive quality control and the type of agent training that leads to personalized customer experiences.

In other words, these platforms do not include the natural language processing capabilities for more nuanced outcomes. For instance, advanced features like sentiment analysis offer faster results and more actionable CX insights. Without these capabilities, contact center managers lack the tools to uncover the data hidden in customer interactions.

As its name indicates, an all-in-one platform offers multiple features in one solution. Unfortunately, people often find this convenience comes at the expense of quality. The more features included in a platform, the less refined they are. This leads to sub-par performance, especially for speech analytics. When speech analytics is just another “checkbox,” users cannot fine-tune the solution for training agents to consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Speech Analytics Solution

A solution that focuses exclusively on speech analytics is a much better option, especially in terms of quality. Imagine that you’re in the mood for a really good steak. Should you go to A.) a restaurant that offers a variety of entrees, a few of which are steaks, or B.) a steakhouse that’s been cooking and perfecting steaks for decades? You may get lucky with the first option, but the second is probably a safer bet. The same thought process should apply to choosing a speech analytics provider.

Now that we’ve explained the differences between an all-in-one solution vs. a true speech analtyics solution, let’s revisit the idea that a CCaaS platform uses fewer internal IT resources.

Should Your IT Department Choose Your Speech Analytics Solution?

It’s common to think your IT department should be the final decision-makers when selecting your speech analytics provider. While you should certainly consider their input, the decision should ultimately go to the employees directly involved with call center operations. After all, they are the ones who will regularly use and benefit from the solution; therefore, they have more in-depth knowledge of what they need to reach their goals.

We will discuss the required IT involvement for implementing speech analytics in a future post. But for now, it’s safe to say that a solution like CallFinder’s speech analytics requires very little time and effort from your internal IT team.

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