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Speech Analytics Benefits - Elevate CX & Drive Revenue in the Contact Center

Learn how CallFinder Speech Analytics benefits SMB contact centers by transforming QA and the customer experience to drive revenue growth across the entire business.

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Transform Customer Interactions into Revenue

CallFinder’s speech analytics solutions provide automated tools that uncover powerful business insights and call analytics to help you meet your revenue goals and overcome common challenges and improve customer experience. to help improve your company’s sales and marketing strategies, and to ensure compliance in heavily regulated industries.

Increase Revenue

Reduce Attrition

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Measure Marketing Effectiveness

CallFinder's speech analytics technology gathers market intelligence directly from your customer interactions, providing quantifiable data to inform marketing strategies. Our software is easy to use, and with unlimited user access, your entire marketing team can act on market insights quickly. You can also keep the C-Suite informed on campaign performance, market trends, and the competition with custom reports automatically delivered whenever it works best for your organization.

Compliance & Risk Management

CallFinder has helped thousands of agents and employees who operate in heavily regulated industries protect their businesses from hefty fines, lawsuits, and other compliance-related issues. Our automated scorecards ensure that agents stay on script by flagging non-compliant calls and agents, providing risk mitigation through coaching initiatives based on actual data and unbiased agent evaluations. Our automated data redaction technology offers further protection by scanning calls for sensitive data and occurrences of payment or credit card data and replacing those areas with silence.
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Speech Analytics Benefits for Your Business

CallFinder's speech analytics solutions offer benefits to every department in your organization. Let us show you how our advanced technology uses insights from customer interactions to reduce costs, retain customers, improve agent performance & KPIs, and drive revenue for the entire business. Contact us to schedule a 15-minute demo and learn more about what we can do to improve your business and your bottom line.
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