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Speech Analytics Benefits

Leveraging CallFinder’s advanced speech analytics technology provides access to the best software for speech analytics and call scoring. With our affordable, cloud-based technology, automatically monitor your daily recorded conversations with customers and quickly gain access to call metrics important to your business and your customers.


Key Benefits

Optimize Performance
  • Quickly identify areas where your agents need further training.
  • Offer concrete examples to provide personalized feedback.
  • Set achievable goals and easily monitor progress.
  • Improve agent retention and lower onboarding costs.
  • Increase efficiency and improve contact center performance.
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Engage Customers
  • Gain insights into customer behaviors to improve products and services.
  • Retain customers by monitoring key performance indicators.
  • Understand your position in the market with customer preferences.
  • Protect your business by mitigating risk and ensuring 100% compliance.
  • Increase revenue by extracting up-sell and cross-sell rates.

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Risk & Compliance

CallFinder has helped thousands of agents and employees who operate in heavily regulated industries protect their businesses from hefty fines, lawsuits, and other compliance-related issues. Searching for keywords and phrases from the script helps pinpoint non-compliant calls and offending agents, providing a jump on risk mitigation and the development of improved training programs to ensure compliance. And our automated data redaction technology scans calls for sensitive data and occurrences of payment or credit card data and replaces those areas with silence.

Learn more about how CallFinder helps businesses ensure their agents comply with company scripts.

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CallFinder is the leading provider of speech analytics technology. The benefits we can provide for your business include reducing costs, retaining customers, increasing revenue, improving agent performance, and much more. Contact us to learn more about what we can do to improve your business and your bottom line.

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CallFinder Features

The features that deliver the best speech analytics solution for any business.

Analytics Reporting

Get call analytics on every incoming call and automatically search your call recordings for keywords and phrases to help you address business objectives and overcome common challenges and improve customer experience.

Call Categorization

Easily access, review, and analyze calls to obtain business insights, identify conversation patterns and trends, and develop successful marketing and sales strategies that will grow your business.

Call Scoring

Get a precise review of every agent-customer call to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and track individual agent and team progress by setting goals and formulating metrics around company standards and procedures.

Analytics Dashboard

CallFinder’s user-friendly interface provides a comprehensive snapshot of your call analytics, displaying direct access to your searches, search results, and the keywords and phrases that define your searches.

MyAnalyst Client Support

As a CallFinder client, you get expert support, at no extra cost, from a dedicated speech analytics specialist to ensure that your business optimizes the benefits of CallFinder.

Powerful Business Insights

CallFinder’s speech analytics solutions provide powerful business insights to help improve your company’s sales and marketing strategies, and to ensure compliance in heavily regulated industries.

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