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What is Call Scoring?

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How Call Scoring Works

Call scoring compares your contact center agents’ performance against a predetermined set of standards. Because call scoring compares each agent’s performance against a uniform standard, you can evaluate everyone’s work using common criteria. This eliminates bias and works to improve quality assurance monitoring equally across the board.

Call scoring begins by identifying the criteria that make a call successful (i.e. leading to a conversion, or when an agent stays on script). Then QA Managers use call scores from the automated scorecards to offer feedback. In general, it’s a good idea to involve others in the process of identifying the benchmarks used to evaluate agent performance. Include other call center managers, agents, and even your customers by having them complete surveys.

Why Your Business Needs Call Scores

The easiest way to explain the benefits of using call scores is to compare them to test scores. Imagine if you’d put forth the effort to prepare for an exam, went through the motions of completing the test, and then never learned how you did on the exam.

If you aren’t giving your agents feedback, they are probably experiencing the same frustration anyone would after taking a test and never knowing the results. Are your call agents receiving feedback based on how they handle calls? Or, are they left wondering how they’re doing with no meaningful input from you?

While you may fear your agents will view call scoring as spying on them for reasons to criticize them, you can explain it’s simply a tool that will enable you to help your employees do a better job. It’s also helpful to remind them that this tool can be used to highlight their successes. When you implement call scoring, you’ll provide your agents with transparent criteria and ensure everyone is familiar with your expectations.

In essence, call scorecards level the playing field for your agents because everyone is held to the same standards during performance reviews. In addition to providing you with actionable feedback for your agents, call scoring will help you to target your training and marketing efforts more precisely.

As you evaluate call recordings and call scores, you’ll become familiar with the channels that produce your most promising leads and the specific reasons callers are contacting you. Use this data to adjust your marketing strategies, attract more high-quality leads, and provide agent training to address common caller concerns.

How CallFinder Provides Call Scoring

With call scoring from CallFinder, you can evaluate agent performance through individual or agent team scorecards. This capability enables you to provide feedback to individual agents as well as your whole team — feedback they can use to improve agent performance and the customer experience.

CallFinder provides access to the most insightful call scoring metrics available. You’ll also be able to improve your agents’ performance with near real-time call review and automated scorecards and call scores.

CallFinder enables you to develop and implement a reliable process for call scoring with our cloud-based technology. You can easily record and examine conversations to…

  • Gain more knowledge about your clients and prospects
  • Identify new revenue opportunities
  • Uncover areas where you can save money
  • Manage script compliance and improve agent training techniques

Learn More About Automated Call Scoring with CallFinder

Let CallFinder help you accelerate agent training by providing feedback through near real-time call reviews and automated scorecards. Schedule a live demo today!


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