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Top 3 Benefits of Sentiment Analysis

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Identifying Sentiment in Conversations

In today’s volatile economy, it is imperative that businesses provide a consistently positive customer experience. And the daily interactions between your contact center agents and customers offer valuable information about these experiences. You can easily extract this information with a sentiment analysis tool.

Sentiment analysis tools scan every phone conversation for words and phrases to help determine the outcome of the call. Typically, this ranges from strongly positive to strongly negative. Learn how to get positive outcomes and enhance the customer experience with these top three benefits of sentiment analysis.

1. Quickly Identify Customer Pain Points & Root Causes

Sentiment analysis not only identifies customer frustrations, but it also offers insights on how to address them. By pulling sentiment data into your daily contact center reports, you get a more comprehensive understanding of why customers had a negative experience. For example, you can compare the number of calls with negative sentiment to customer attrition rates.

If there’s a correlation between calls that are negative in sentiment and an increase in customer attrition, you can listen to those calls to understand why customers are leaving. Then you can utilize this data to explore ways to mitigate these pain points. As a result, you’ll get more positive interactions, better call outcomes, and better customer experiences.

2. Provide QA Managers with the Best Strategies

QA Managers don’t have time to listen to every call. Sentiment analysis identifies agents on calls with negative sentiment and who are having more difficulty than others. This gives managers a place to start with agent reviews—whether it’s adhering to a script, polishing their soft skills, or any other area that requires attention to help agents grow. Ultimately, sentiment analysis provides managers with better strategies for offering additional training.

3. Capture Agent Performance Metrics Often Overlooked

Sentiment analysis doesn’t just detect negative call outcomes; it can also be used to learn how your agents are succeeding. Positive words and phrases during conversations, such as “I love it!” and “That would be great,” or “You’ve been a huge help,” demonstrate the areas in which customers tend to be most satisfied.

Metrics that indicate which agents are getting the best results from their calls. However, it doesn’t have to stop there. This information can then be applied to other aspects of your business processes to help ensure excellence for all interactions.

Sentiment analysis provides opportunities to understand how your customers view your business. Additionally, you can understand how customers feel about your products or services. The insights revealed from every phone conversation can help you make informed decisions that will truly enhance the customer experience each and every time.

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