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Speech Analytics: Not Just for Contact Centers

man putting on headset in front of computer ready for customer support call

Speech analytics solutions are valuable quality monitoring tools because they provide insights into contact center performance. But what if your company doesn’t have a designated contact center? Can you still benefit from speech analytics?


Speech analytics can be used by any business with a high amount of inbound and outbound phone calls, particularly where employees interact often with customers. And it can be used throughout all departments. Here are just a few of the ways speech analytics can drive improvements to any business, with or without a contact center.

Deliver the Best Customer Experience

Savvy businesses understand that the customer experience can make or break a sale. Therefore, maintaining high customer satisfaction levels should be a goal for companies in all industries. From law firms to home repair companies to financial institutions, each customer or client phone conversation can have a tremendous impact on customer attitudes and decisions. In fact, agent-customer conversations often determine the outcome of an upsell, decision to resign contracts, or overall customer loyalty.

However, many companies only review around 2-5% of calls. Speech analytics gathers data from 100% of recorded calls. And with the right solution, QA Managers can easily segment those calls to understand how to best serve their customers, both present and future.

Know What Closes Sales

In today’s business model, most sales representatives aren’t going door to door to dig up sales (especially now during a pandemic). Instead, they’re making meaningful connections with people over the phone to help bring in new revenue. Speech analytics software can analyze phone conversations in which sales agents closed deals.

Once the software reveals the words and phrases used, your sales team can create the best strategy to close a deal with a customer. It can also help agents recognize when someone is most likely to be open to a cross or upsell opportunity. By providing valuable insights into the customer mindset, speech analytics provides the tools needed for sales success.

Eliminate Department Silos

Company departments tend to operate within their own insulated environments or “silos,” without having much interaction with other departments. This isolation causes a breakdown in communication, which can affect how well the company serves customers. No matter why your customers are calling, every single call contains a wealth of information.

What kinds of calls are you getting the most? Does your technical team know how many complaints you get? How about Marketing? Do your Marketing Managers know how many times a competitor was mentioned? With features like call transcription, sentiment analysis, and silence detection, management can quickly get a complete view of your customer interactions.

Try Speech Analytics for Your Business

In today’s competitive economy, businesses need to find new and innovative ways to evolve. Using speech analytics and sharing the data and insights gained with different departments provides inventive ways for companies to grow. From new product development to marketing to operations, speech analytics makes each step of the customer journey a smooth one.

Any company with high call volumes or that interact with customers often should take advantage of speech analytics. Try CallFinder’s speech analytics to start improving your business processes and the customer experience – contact center not required.

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