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Speech Analytics Best Practices To Extract Key Business Insights


Often, companies see the inherent benefits of implementing a speech analytics solution, but are not totally confident that they have defined their business objectives in order to make the best use of the technology.   They also don’t have a firm grasp on the best practices to follow when using the audio mining technology.   Here, we break out several of the best practices for implementing speech analytics solutions to start immediately impacting your business’ performance.

Best Practices for Using Speech Analytics Technology

  1. Identify key words that are important to you.
    Be sure you define the key words and phrases that make the most sense for your organization and support your business goals.   These can be unique product names, names of your competitors, keywords and phrases that indicate a decreased level of customer satisfaction (such as “cancel my account,” “speak to your supervisor” or “I am frustrated”).   Monitor and fine tune the searches you create to recognize non-standard words such as jargon, slang and foreign words.   And, consider creating searches that could be helpful to other departments than your own.   Consult members of other departments for input on search words and phrases.   Then, you can share the searches with them to deliver the same level of insight to the customer experience points that they touch.
  2. Share the knowledge.
    As mentioned previously, a great benefit of speech analytics is that it allows you to extend the business intelligence gathered within your department throughout the entire organization.   Sales, Marketing, Collections, Fraud and Legal, and other departments can benefit greatly from the insights contained in the conversations you’re having with customers.   Typically, these insights are not shared between departments, get lost, and are not effectively helping the company secure and deliver a better customer experience across the board.
  3. Coach and train your agents.
    Use the data contained within your calls, categorized by search topic, to improve business processes and identify workforce training opportunities by understanding trends and underlying issues. Assessing your agents’ performance, and improving on that using the key insights you discover, will improve the overall experience and interaction with your company, which incents repeat and loyal customers.
  4. Analyze all calls, not just a small sample.
    By recording, mining and categorizing 100 percent of your calls, you can identify every occurrence of critical keywords and phrases to give you a more accurate frame of reference, while enabling a full view of the customer experience.   This is particularly important when monitoring for uncommon, yet critically important phrases that may be missed when only a sample of recordings are analyzed.
  5. Listen to your customers.
    Every call with a customer contains critical information.   An affordable and effective speech analytics solution allows your company to zero in on the critical pieces of information, and extract meaningful data without wasting time or resources.   Analyzing and understanding the critical information and insights contained in every phone call allows you to makes actionable business decisions based on the wants and needs of your customer base.

Following these standard speech analytics best practices will help you during the implementation and training process of adopting a speech analytics technology into your company’s process.   To learn more about cloud-based call recording and speech analytics contact a CallFinder Specialist today.

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