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How To Review The Customer Experience With Call Tracking


Customer service is of paramount importance to all businesses. When the customer base is happy, then the business thrives. When the customer base is not happy, there are a lot of fires to put out. One way to evaluate the customer experience is to try out call tracking.

Crunch The Numbers

The first thing that one should do when using call tracking is start to crunch the numbers that are unique to their own business. For example, things such as how many calls come into a business as well as how long those calls last is information that can be instantly available. These facts may sound like little more than trivia, but when reviewed more carefully they can reveal interesting patterns. Those patterns once identified can be used to make necessary adjustments to company procedure.

Listening To Individual Calls

Individual phone calls can be very revealing in terms of the information contained within. Though it is not possible to physically listen to every phone call that comes in, going back to listen to the important ones is certainly possible. Listening to any odd phone calls or ones in which a customer left upset can be helpful. It is also a good idea to spot check random phone calls to make sure that company policies and procedures are being followed.

Call Back Those Who Are Upset

Customers who seem to have had a particularly bad experience should be called back as soon as possible. This gives the company the opportunity to apology for the incident and work to improve their relationship with that individual. It will not always work, but just showing that effort is enough to win some customers back who might otherwise have never done business with the company again.

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