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How to Monitor the Voice of the Customer on a Budget


One of the most important performance metrics businesses need to pay attention to today is the voice of the customer (VoC). Voice of the customer data includes information related to customers’ feedback about products and/or services provided. It provides insights into the overall customer experience which is an indicator of future success or failure.

Voice of the customer data can be captured at any touchpoint, however one of the most prevalent is the contact center. Contact center agents are at the front lines of communications with customers and hear their questions, comments, and concerns on a daily basis. Today’s contact centers must be armed with advanced contact center software in order to extract these important voice of the customer insights. Basic call recording software is no longer adequate.

In the past, upgrading to speech analytics software may have been out of reach to the budget-conscious small to medium sized business. However, cloud technology has changed the game and leveled the playing field. Today, companies with smaller budgets are able to access speech analytics software at lower costs via the cloud. Cloud-based speech analytics software is fulfilling the needs of smaller contact centers.

There are many benefits to deploying cloud-based speech analytics. The most obvious benefit is cost-savings. It is the affordable alternative to an on-premise speech analytics solution because there is no hardware or software necessary to install within a company’s system network. It eliminates the strain on already limited IT resources since little to no involvement is even needed from the IT department, including maintenance time. In addition, a cloud-based speech analytics solution doesn’t affect a company’s current phone system. There is no integration with an existing phone system, internal systems, servers, etc. Calls are routed seamlessly through a telecom switch to the business meaning that no changes to an existing telephony are needed which also saves money. Because a cloud-based speech analytics solution is so flexible, it can be deployed within a week.

If you haven’t upgraded from basic call recording software to speech analytics software in your call center because you thought it was out of reach, think again. An investment in cloud-based speech analytics software is less expensive than an on-premise solution yet provides access to the same voice of the customer data that is so valuable. A small investment now is well worth it to ensure a positive customer experience over the long term.

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