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Misperceptions of Speech Analytics


To us, and our customers, it seems so clear that lacking speech analytics leaves a business or contact center at a disadvantage in terms of best practices. So, why are some businesses still hesitant—why isn’t everyone using it?

Current Misperceptions

The reason is that there are a lot of misperceptions out there like:

  1. Introducing a new technology is too complex. Especially for smaller businesses.
  2. There are too many resources required to manage the technology, like large capital investment to buy hardware and software, the IT department has to get involve, and companies have to hire specialists to manage the solution.
  3. Speech analytics has had a reputation for being only for enterprises or businesses with deep resources and deep pockets.

Reality Check

The current trend is that many providers are looking for ways to make the technology more accessible to the user. For example, technologies are moving to be more turn-key, allowing for little or no IT involvement, and by moving to the cloud. Speech analytics providers are designing systems and interfaces to be much more user-friendly—accessible to entry-level users, people who are in the call center, people who aren’t data scientists, not business analysts experts, and not IT specialists. The solutions are now being designed for an organization to draw on existing personnel resources.

In other words, the industry is adapting the technology to its users, rather than forcing users to adapt to the technology.

Speech Analytics is Facilitating A Better Customer Experience

Imagine having an unlimited team of analysts to listen to your calls. What more could you accomplish with that kind of resource than you are unable to accomplish now? With speech analytics, you have that team that can listen to your calls in an organized, automated fashion. Now you can examine processes and practices in a fraction of the time it would take manually.

Now that it is easier than ever to access and use this technology, you can get rolling within weeks, not months. And make improvements to the customer experience and bottom line revenue happen that much faster.

Understanding how critical the customer experience is as a key differentiator for business, it is easy to understand then why one of the biggest growing trends and investments today is in speech analytics. This technology, increasingly, is being regarded as a MUST have quality assurance tool, instead of a NICE-TO-HAVE tool.

Many of these steps can be facilitated and easily implemented if you have a speech analytics solution on hand to automatically monitor your conversations with customers, which will help you mine those conversations in the future to identify call patterns and trends within your business. This is covered in a recent article.

Speech Analytics As Best Practice in the Contact Center

We recently discussed this as part of a roundtable panel of contact center technology experts. Get the full presentation here.

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