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Speech Analytics Will Facilitate Great Customer Service

October 08, 2014 by Morgan Pulitzer

There is a local inbound marketing agency here in Vermont that we have a great amount of respect for, and who just recently published this article on the best customer service steps that should take place after a sale is made. Many of the steps focus on listening to your customers’ needs, which is a strong focus of ours!

Here are some of the tips, but you really should read the full article to get the complete picture.

Set Expectations

Before you begin executing on work for a customer, you should first establish expectations.

Listen to Pain Points and Frustrations

If you want to effectively and efficiently resolve an issue for a customer, you need to spend time talking to them first. You need obtain an understanding of their pain points and frustrations or you’ll be trying to fix the problem blindly. By understanding their problems better, you’ll learn further about your customer and ultimately your buyer persona.

Establish Communications

When starting off with a new customer, it’s important to establish the best way for you to communication whether it be email, phone, text or chat. Take the time to understand what works best for your customers and cater to them.

Cater to Their Needs

As customer service or the account manager, you need to put the customer’s needs first. This shows your dedication to their business (which significantly impacts customer retention).

What Does This Have to Do With Speech Analytics?

Good question!

Needless to say, many of these steps can be facilitated and easily implemented if you have a speech analytics solution on hand to automatically monitor your conversations with customers, which will help you mine those conversations in the future to identify call patterns and trends within your business.  For example, creating a search within the CallFinder platform to categorize calls where customers are asking for product support will help you gear agent training manuals, product manuals, and future agent coaching needs.

Take a look at the CallFinder solution by calling 1-800-639-1700 and speaking with a specialist today – they’ll give you a quick under-the-hood tour of CallFinder so you can see how easy it is to implement the technology and start capturing critical business insights from your phone conversations with customers!