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Measuring Agent Performance Against One Another


Measuring one agent against another when it comes to how well they are handling customers on the phone is important. This is how you create benchmarks and standards for quality service, and is also helpful when it comes time to conduct annual performance reviews!

The reason being because this kind of measurement allows for a determination of which agents are really performing for the company, and which are merely skating by. Knowing the agent performance ratings of all agents allows for payroll decisions to be made much more easily.

How To Measure Agent Performance

The choices abound when it comes to measuring agent performance. One may measure on a variety of different metrics. What is important to remember is that each evaluation should have the same criteria. In other words, the same kinds of things are being looked at for each agent. Examples of some things that might be examined are as follows:

  • Average Length Of Time On The Phone
  • Number Of Satisfied Callers
  • Number Of Calls Taken In An Average Day

Agents can easily be compared to one another along these metrics and the results can be reviewed easily.

The Value Of Performance Reviews

The value of a performance review is obvious to the business owners. They get to see which employees are performing above and below their set standards. However, the value to employees may be even more precious. Those employees can finally receive the feedback on their work that they have been longing for. This can motivate certain employees to work harder to correct the areas where they are lacking.

Seeing Results

In the end, reviews can also measure results over a period of time. People who are motivated can potentially become better over time with the results that they are getting. It can also help to show the progression of various employees in either a positive or negative direction.

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