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Managing (and Monitoring) the Customer Experience


I just read this great article about managing the customer experience.

It got me thinking about the most effective ways to do that, and how a company gets a handle on the customer experience. This led to thinking about where they can make improvements, and how to monitor the customer experience after analysis and resolving problems.

Get a Handle on the Customer Experience

In order to fully understand the customer experience, companies must employ some type of call monitoring. Manually listening to call recordings to get a sense of how customers are interacting with your business is one way to do this, but it’s laborious and time consuming. Speech analytics technology automates this process and scans recorded calls for specific keywords and phrases.

The ability to locate key phrases in customer conversations provides many benefits. And, with a speech analytics solution in place, you will have a much better chance of getting a handle on the customer experience.

Improve the Customer Experience

Once you know how a customer interacts with your sales and customer service agents, you can identify areas for improvement. This will help you develop a better training program for employees, help with script development, and improve the efficiency with which you provide service to your customers, and that means reduced costs, risks, and improved revenues.

Monitor CX for Improved Results

After you make changes to the training programs for your sales and CS departments, and you’ve implemented improved call handling procedures, the experience you deliver to customers is bound to improve, and you’ll see the direct impact on the company’s bottom line. Continue using recording and speech analytics technology to mine your calls for keywords and phrases and you’ll start to see an upward trend of happy, satisfied customers.

For more on speech analytics technology, and how it works to improve the customer experience, browse our resource library, or contact us to request a demo of CallFinder.

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