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Making Quality Assurance A Daily Habit


No business can survive without its customers. In order to keep those customers around, excellent customer service will be required. Thus, quality assurance is an important aspect of the work that an office manager does. One means of assuring quality is to listen in on the phone call conversations between customers and employees.

Legal Issues

When contemplating call monitoring, the first thing that many business owners worry about are any potential legal issues that they may face. helps to put some of these issues to rest. They say the following

..Whatever the reason for monitoring calls by employees, employers need to be aware of certain legal issues. One is that an employer has the right to monitor its own phone system in order to ensure that employees are using the system for its intended purposes..

It is spelled out that employers are allowed to monitor the phone calls that are being conducted on their company phones. As such, worries about the legal issues that may result from phone calls can be mitigated.

Quality Every Time

Having a tap on the phones allows employers to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that quality customer service will be made available to all customers. If there are employees who are not meeting the standards of the business when it comes to customer service, those individuals can be singled out and a conversation can be had with them. If things are bad enough, they could even lose their job as a result.

Curb Phone Usage Abuse

Most employers have a policy against employees using their company phones for personal phone calls. That does not mean that the employees always listen to these policy. Phone use for personal reasons can be quite costly to any business. Curbing that usage can be made possible through call recording. If employees know that they will be caught in the act of making a personal call, they are much less likely to engage in this kind of behavior.

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