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Improve Contact Center Performance with Agent Scorecards

speech analytics user dashboard and agent scorecards

Studies show most people prefer to use the telephone when they need to reach out to a company, especially if they have a more complex issue they need assistance with. It should come as no surprise that contact centers account for the majority of businesses’ organizational costs. The performance of contact center executives are based on metrics that reflect how well-organized their operations are, as well as cost management.

Therefore, it is vital to accurately measure a contact center’s efficiency so that managers can develop successful strategies to improve efficiency. One of the best ways to do this is with a speech analytics solution and agent scorecards.

Achieve Better Reporting with More Accurate Call Monitoring

The average contact center handles 90 calls per day, or 1800 calls a month, which makes it incredibly difficult for supervisors to monitor and evaluate agents in a timely manner. Just one supervisor evaluating ten calls per agent takes more than thirteen hours of manual monitoring per month. Additionally, manually monitoring calls does not provide a comprehensive view of the contact center.

Supervisors only have time to score between 5 and 10 calls for each agent, ultimately adding up to less than 1% of contact center conversations. This means the insights gained from manually listening to these conversations does not truly portray an agent’s performance. It also prohibits supervisors from being able to achieve an accurate picture of their contact center. In the end, supervisors put in a lot of time and effort for subpar results.

Use Agent Scorecards to Gather Customer Experience Insights

By implementing a cloud-based speech analytics solution, supervisors can quickly scan all phone conversations for specific words and phrases selected by the supervisors themselves. The call analytics solution then provides an automated scorecard for each agent with a detailed account of all metrics. Not only does this allow supervisors to gain a more accurate view of their agents’ performances in a much timelier manner; it also frees them up to focus on more cost productive efforts, such as improving agent training and developing more effective scripts.

Plus, it can help supervisors ensure that their agents are fully adhering to script compliance, which can protect a business from costly legal ramifications. With speech analytics and agent scorecards, contact center operations are measured with precision and proficiency.

The success of a contact center is vital to the success of a business, so it is important to be able to accurately gauge and report on its activities. A cloud-based speech analytics solution can easily provide the data needed to ensure that everything and everyone in the contact center are operating at peak performance. With speech analytics, any contact center can become more efficient and more cost-effective, proving its value to a business.

Learn more about automated call scoring today.

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