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Improve Coaching with CallFinder’s Speech Analytics Software


Are you a call center manager looking for ways to improve efficiency, boost revenue, or meet your KPIs? Or a call center coach who wants to improve your agent coaching strategies? No matter what role you play in managing a call center, CallFinder’s speech analytics software can help you improve coaching to meet your goals in 2022.

This post will cover some of the CallFinder’s features, and how to use them to improve any aspect of your call center or business, starting with creating better agent coaching strategies.

Implementing CallFinder’s Speech Analytics Software

Before we get into how to improve coaching with CallFinder, let’s look at ways you can implement our speech analytics software. CallFinder offers usage-based, scalable solutions designed to meet your company’s call quality management needs and budget requirements. CallFinder’s software solution includes automated scorecards, searchable call transcriptions, agent and conversation insights, including sentiment analysis, and more.

While there are many ways to implement CallFinder’s speech analytics software, the most common use is to improve overall agent performance. And that all starts with coaching. Our eBook, Guide to Creating Winning Coaching Strategies, is a great resource for improving coaching strategies.

Silence is Not Always Golden

One of the unique features of CallFinder’s speech analytics software is silence and overtalk detection. This tool gives managers the ability to determine where long pauses in conversations occur. This also helps determine whether long hold times are the cause, or simply a lull in the conversation. But the best way to use this tool is in building your agent coaching strategies.

While we’ve already written about quick wins with scorecards, you can use the same approach with silence and overtalk. Let’s say that you’re a manager reviewing the agent insights in the dashboard. You notice that some agents have a large percentage of calls with a lot of silence. And when you dig in a little further, you see that it happens mostly during peak call volume hours. After listening to a few calls, it’s apparent that customers are on hold for long periods of time while agents handle other calls.

Using Insights in Your Coaching Materials

You can resolve this in many ways, but let’s first think about how we could implement this intel into our coaching materials. If your agents take too long to handle calls because they spend a lot of time looking for answers, then your solution is simple. Provide your agents with easy access to common customer questions.

Or implement an agent knowledge base that they can search quickly for answers. You could also increase the number of agents on call during peak hours. Plus, CallFinder is a managed solution, which means you’re never lost on what to do next. We make sure you gain value from our solution from the very start.

Rooting Out the Problem

Speech analytics software can also help with root cause analysis, which can improve several areas of any organization. For instance, discovering the root of a customer issue early is the first step in solving the problem quickly.

If customers are calling because they can’t figure out how to change their account information online, call center managers can share that information with the IT Department. Or if customers consistently have issues with a particular product, managers can relay the complaints to the Product Development team.

Be sure to download our Product Overview for an introduction to all that CallFinder offers. Or visit our resource library for more guides and tips.

Sharing Insights Across the Entire Organization

One of the advantages of using CallFinder’s speech analytics software is that our developers make it easy to share information across all departments. CallFinder’s intuitive design gives call center managers a lot of freedom in how they choose to use it. This improves operational efficiency, and it helps drive consistent results at every phase of the customer journey.

For more information, and to take a demo of our speech analytics solution, request a demo today.

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