CallFinder’s Speech Analytics Software

CallFinder's Speech Analytics Software

Learn why CallFinder is considered the best speech analytics software on the market and why our Managed Solution guarantees your success.

Speech Analytics Software & Solutions

CallFinder’s cloud-based speech analytics software provides businesses and call centers with powerful business insights from customer interactions. Our speech analytics solutions provide agent monitoring through searchable call transcriptions, automated agent scorecards, sentiment analysis, and performance insights with custom reporting. CallFinder integrates with most CRMs and contact center solution providers to give you 360° visibility and seamless data capture for monitoring and analyzing 100% of your customer interactions.

Solve Any Business Challenge With Speech Analytics Software

CallFinder’s speech analytics software can solve any business challenge. Whether you’re looking to improve the customer experience, reduce compliance risk, or monitor remote agents, the automated conversational insights you get from CallFinder saves you time and helps you improve any aspect of your organization.

Customer Experience

Provide the best customer experience using speech analytics software to optimize agent performance with better coaching.

Remote Employees

Maintain productivity and employee engagement in remote work environments with our work from home solutions.

Risk Management

Ensure agent script compliance to mitigate risk and avoid costly fines for businesses in highly scrutinized industries.

Video Testimonials

Mitchell reveals how CallFinder’s solution measured empathy on every agent phone call, which increased the percentage of their payment plans by 25% and their self-pay collections by $150,000 per month. Learn how improving efficiency and agent performance can help your business.
Mitchell Taylor
Director of Collections for Methodist Health System
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Erin Carmona talks about how CallFinder’s solution significantly reduced the time it took to review patient calls and provide their Dental clients with timely call data and actionable insights to improve the patient experience.
Erin Carmona
Director of First Impressions
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Take A Tour Of CallFinder's Speech Analytics Software

CallFinder’s speech analytics software analyzes every recorded customer interaction to provide a nuanced understanding of your customers while uncovering agent knowledge gaps so you can improve the KPIs that matter most to your business. Our automated solution comes with an experienced Speech Analyst who works with you to set goals and create strategies to ensure your success and your ROI. Get started with a short demo!

Speech Analytics Software For Any Industry

At CallFinder, we understand that every industry is unique. And so is every business. Learn how CallFinder’s speech analytics software helps you address the unique challenges of your industry to improve agent performance, enhance CX, and drive more revenue in the contact center.

BPOs & Call Centers

Evaluate CX, and hear customer interactions first-hand without hiring more staff.

Credit Unions & Banks

Improve the member experience, while ensuring compliance & increasing payment rates.


Maintain HIPAA compliance and a positive patient experience with actionable insights.