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How To Conduct Regular Customer Service Call Analysis


Business owners often want to know how their company is really faring out there. Sometimes they may hear only the positive news and the things that people believe they want to hear. To get to the bottom of things, it is sometimes necessary to do a customer service analysis. There are a few things that any individual business owner can do in order to conduct their own analysis.

Calling The Company

Calling one’s own company may seem like an odd thing to do, but it can yield great results. explains it this way,

What do customers encounter when they call your business? Is your receptionist robotic or pleasant, professional and courteous? Did you know that your receptionist or answering service serves as the face of your organization? Therefore it is important to put the right person on the front lines of initial customer interactions.

As you can see, giving the company a call can produce important insight that would have been unavailable otherwise. There is no reason not to use this tool since it is as simple as making a phone call.

Walk Around As A Customer Would

Paying a visit to your own business with a customer’s mindset in mind can be helpful as well. Sure, you already see the business through the lenses of an owner, but viewing it from the customer’s perspective can help you identify any major flaws that need to be addressed. There are sometimes more than a few that may miss your eye if you are not thinking as a customer would.

Speak To The Customers Themselves

The best resource that anyone has when researching customer service is to simply ask the customers themselves how they feel about the things going on within the business. They are certain to be more than happy to air their opinions about any number of issues. Customers rarely keep things bottled up to themselves if they feel that there is something wrong. Make sure that this energy is being tapped into. Once again, the answers may be right before your eyes.

Contact us for more information about how to perform customer analysis screenings.

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