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Speech Analytics Gains Recognition in Business World

Speech analytics is quickly becoming recognized as a vital part of a successful business  In a survey conducted of 500 company decision makers by Uniphore Software systems in the first quarter of 2016, the majority of those companies said they expect to increase their spending and investments in[...]

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Resolutions for Better Customer Experiences in 2015

It may seem cliche, but we're going to do it - a list of resolutions that companies are making, or need to be making, in the upcoming New Year in order to stay ahead of the game What would New Year's be without a few established goals, after all! 2015 Customer Experience New Year's Resolutions: 1[...]

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Speech Analytics Will Facilitate Great Customer Service

There is a local inbound marketing agency here in Vermont that we have a great amount of respect for, and who just recently published this article on the best customer service steps that should take place after a sale is made Many of the steps focus on listening to your customers' needs, which is a[...]

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What Makes Customers Mad? How Speech Analytics Helps

According to a recent study, conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of ClickSoftware, which polled 2,051 US adults, they're mad!Take a look at these stats Due to their frustrations around poor customer service: 35% of those surveyed said they have cancelled their service or stopped using that brand[...]

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What is Call Analytics?

Self-analysis is crucial for all businesses Quality products or services are one thing, but customer experience and perception is also equally detrimental when it comes to sustainable growth and longevity of the business Two decades ago, in depth analysis of the customers experience and the quality[...]

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