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What is Call Analytics?


Self-analysis is crucial for all businesses. Quality products or services are one thing, but customer experience and perception is also equally detrimental when it comes to sustainable growth and longevity of the business. Two decades ago, in depth analysis of the customers experience and the quality of business reps was not possible. Nowadays, with the growth of technology, the software and the volume of data at hand is allowing companies to engage in complex call analytics. This helps to identify ways through which the quality of service can be improved for the end customer.

Call analytics provide key insights for the business, and allow them to understand their customers better. Call analytics entails many things in its entirety. The process starts as soon as the call is received, and goes beyond the call itself, and the analysis continues even after the call has finished.

Conversation Analytics

In layman’s terms, this is where the companies try to make sense of what was said over the call, looking for clues and patterns to understand the customer better. This process entails mining all the calls by using complex algorithm, and highly sophisticated and advanced speech recognition technology to excavate through the words spoken during the length of the call. It is helpful in gauging the levels of satisfaction and provides key data for the company, which allows them to engage in predictive analytics and improve the quality of services and products in addition to improve after-sales support.

Call Tracking

This is where the ‘before’ aspect of the call comes in. Before a consumer makes that decisive call, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes leading up to the call. What ad did the caller see recently that prompted them to call? What product or service are they calling about? Did they just experience an outage in service and are now calling to cancel? Marketers and companies will always be curious to know what route a consumer took before making that call. It provides key clues to consumer behavior and allows corporations to improve their services.

Call analytics can be extremely advantageous to companies, corporations, and even government institutions for streamlining the service acquisition, feedback, and complaints process. Improved services will lead to customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention, leading to sustainable growth.

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